8 Tips on Maintaining your Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

We all love luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for its resiliency and modern design, but what is it like when the excitement of installation wears off and it’s time to start focusing on maintenance? The great thing about LVT is that it’s extremely resilient and displays incredible durability against all types of aggressors, including kids, pets, and accidents (don’t worry, we know some spills and falling objects are kind of inevitable).

Before we get started on our 8 tips to maintaining your luxury vinyl tile (also known as LVT), let’s go over what you should be doing directly after installation of your new floors. As with any flooring installation, there are certain measures that need to be taken immediately after installing your brand new luxury vinyl tile to ensure the longevity of its durability.

1. Keep traffic light
You may be thinking that’s near impossible, but it’s important to try your hardest to reduce the amount of traffic on your LVT flooring for at least 24 hours. Why? In some cases, adhesive is used for installing luxury vinyl tile, which can take a while to fully dry and harden. Not following this tip could lead to your adhesive drying incorrectly, leading you to issues and possible reinstallation down the road.

2. Stay away from cleaning LVT for 3 days
The first thing some new buyers want to do right after getting their flooring installed is to pull out the mop and get cleaning, but don’t! As much as you want to clean your new floors immediately after installation experts leave, it’s important to allow everything to settle and dry first to avoid disturbing all of their hard work.

luxury vile tile bathroomCongrats! You made it to the daily maintenance section. While initial luxury vinyl tile maintenance can be tedious and almost feel like a waiting game, it was well worth it. Your new LVT flooring looks beautiful and it should be a goal of yours to keep it that way! To maintain its fresh look and, most importantly, longevity, you’ll want to follow these remaining six tips to maintaining your luxury vinyl tile:

3. Use the proper LVT floor cleaner
Are you using the right flooring cleaner for your LVT floors? To ensure it keeps up with its newly installed look and feel, it’s important to eliminate any abrasive cleaners you may own to avoid permanent damage to your flooring material. Some LVT flooring is made with no-wax vinyl, which means you must wash your floors with a cleaner made specifically for no-wax LVT. However, older luxury vinyl tile flooring may require waxing. To prevent removal of wax, be sure to gently clean it with warm water and detergent, just enough to lift any dirt off of the floor.

4. Avoid drenching floors
While it’s important to keep your floors clean, it’s vital to do so without drenching your floors with your chosen cleaning products. While luxury vinyl tile is most known for its durability and resiliency, too much water can create issues. Large amounts of water may cause the glue that’s holding down your LVT to loosen and peel. Any spills that are not cleaned up may also stain your flooring material, so be sure to take care of them immediately!

5. Invest in a doormat
If you currently don’t have a doormat present for guests coming into your home, it may be time to invest in one (or two!). From the outside in, dirt and other chemicals can be tracked into your home without you even realizing it. Keep your LVT flooring clean and its longevity will follow. We suggest putting a coarse mat outside of your home and a softer one directly inside — you can never be too careful!

luxury vinyl tile living room6. Invest in blinds/curtains
Natural sunlight is beautiful. It gives our homes that nice, warm, and inviting glow and reduces the amount of times we have to turn on the light to use up electricity. As much as you may love it, your luxury vinyl tile does not. While a little sunlight won’t hurt, prolonged periods of it will induce fading and discoloration to your LVT flooring material. Installing blinds or curtains in areas of your home that have luxury vinyl tile flooring products will keep your floors looking new and healthy.

7. Grab the broom!
Let’s backpedal to cleaning really quick. Even after you purchase new doormats and the perfect cleaning product to match your LVT flooring product needs, you’re still going to need the good old fashioned broom. Be sure to sweep away any excess dirt from the surface of your luxury vinyl tile on a daily basis in between mops. Your new flooring material will thank you for it!

8. Give your furniture some slippers
And by slippers, we mean sliders. To protect your new luxury vinyl tile floors from any scratches and dents, you’ll want to place these soft protectors on each leg of your furniture. In addition to sliders, use wood or hardboard runways if you plan on moving your furniture around excessively.

Maintaining the longevity of your luxury vinyl tile flooring doesn’t differ much from any other flooring material, making it one of the most sought after flooring materials today. To learn more about luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring products, available manufacturers, and installation techniques, please contact your local flooring expert today.

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