Maintenance and Care Tips for Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you’ve recently chosen to install luxury vinyl tile (also known as LVT) flooring in your home, you have made a great choice! Not only is LVT flooring durable, but it’s also the perfect option for anyone who is looking for a long-lasting flooring material for all areas of your home. Luxury vinyl tile flooring experts at About Floors n’ More recommend this material for active households that get a high amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. Although LVT flooring products can be incredibly long-lasting, even the sturdiest and most durable flooring is not 100% resistant to damage over time. Because of this, there are some measures that need to be taken to keep your floors looking good as new.

Luxury vinyl tile in kitchenPrior to installing your brand new luxury vinyl tile flooring, it is important to understand the proper maintenance and care that it may require in the future. Below, we will walk you through everything you need to know in order to prolong the life of your LVT flooring product such as preventative maintenance, daily care and cleaning, and renovation and repair tips.

Preventative maintenance

Taking preventative measures to preserve the quality of your luxury vinyl tile flooring is one of the best ways to ensure that your flooring will last beyond its years. Prevent wear and tear on your LVT flooring material by:

  • Limiting foot traffic in heels that may create dents in the floor
  • Placing non-slip pads or underlayment pieces beneath area rugs to prevent scratches
  • Cleaning up all spills immediately to prevent staining on your new LVT floors
  • Placing casters underneath legs of furniture to disperse pressure and prevent dents
  • Avoiding moving furniture without sliders or wooden planks
  • Keeping planters and pots from sitting directly on top of flooring
  • Protecting your luxury vinyl tile flooring from sun exposure with curtains or blinds
  • Regulating your home temperature and limiting airborne particles by replacing HVAC filters when necessary

Cleaning and care

Even though luxury vinyl tile flooring material is one of the most durable and damage-resistant products out there, the life of your flooring will be extended even more with the proper care. On a daily basis, you should be sure to clean your LVT flooring by sweeping away any loose sand, dirt, dust, or debris. This may not seem like an important step, but it will ultimately eliminate surface scratches to your flooring caused by high foot traffic.

On a less regular basis, your new luxury vinyl tile flooring material should be mopped to get rid of stubborn dirt or stains. Mopping should be done gently with water or a mild cleaner after dry dirt is swept away. It is important to note that although LVT flooring should be mopped with wet solutions, you should be cautious not to oversaturate the flooring surface. Other options for cleaning your luxury vinyl tile flooring product may include professional floor cleaning services, which can be discussed with your local LVT flooring manufacturer.

Preparing for future renovation or repair

When factoring in the amount of luxury vinyl tile flooring material you will need to fill a room, we recommend that you add a bit of extra supply to the estimated amount needed. Extra stock of LVT flooring products will ensure that, in case there is a need for replacement tiles in the future, you will have the exact same type of flooring on hand. After your flooring is installed, be sure to save the receipt, any installation documents, and, most importantly, ask your local flooring manufacturer for care instructions to save for your records. Filing important information like this will benefit you in the long run in case something happens to your LVT flooring or you have additional questions in the future.

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