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Let Us Help You With Your New Wood Floor

Solid, engineered, floating, hand scraped, exotic? There’s a lot to choose from but we can help you narrow it down. A few good questions and answers and we can get you off to a good start in selecting your new wood flooring. We have eleven wood flooring displays from basic to premium and the knowledge to help you understand and choose the right floor for your home.

Solid or Engineered?

Solid hardwood flooring has been the staple of wood flooring for 50 years. A thick 3/4″ hunk of wood has the appeal of value but times are a changin’. Engineered wood floors are on the rise and for good reason. But first, what is engineered wood? Basically they take a high grade piece of plywood and laminate a thin layer of real hardwood to the surface. Sound cheap? Some are, but also some of the best wood flooring today is engineered. Take Lauzon for example. Lauzon’s Nextstep engineered wood flooring is top notch.

What About My Home?

Usually your home will determine what product will work best. In pre-existing homes an engineered wood floor tends to be more practical due to height limitations. On concrete or particle board engineered flooring can provide more options. At Floors Unlimited we have the experience and selection to help you find the right product for your home.

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We have a wide variety of hand-scraped and wire-brushed finishes.

Climate and Solid Wood Flooring

The climate in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater area of Virginia can be quite challenging for a solid hardwood floor. In the summer months in-home humidity climbs to 45 – 55%. Sustained high humidity sometimes can lead to cupping. In the winter with the heater running, humidity often drops below 30%. These dry conditions will cause contraction and possible gaps. Given the big swings in humidity the use of solid wood floors in this area comes with some degree of risk. No amount of acclimation or pre-planning can guarantee your new solid wood floor will remain flat.

Trends in Wood Flooring

Engineered, handscraped 5″ hickory plank wood flooring has become the most popular hardwood option. Engineered is best suited for the 5″ format. Hickory is much harder than oak and handscraped hardwood is the more casual, carefree and low maintenance solution. I chose handscraped wood floors for my home 12 years ago and they look the same today as the day I installed them.

Handscraped hardwood Flooring Chesapeake Virginia

My favorite handscraped hardwood in my own home