Chesapeake Hardwoods

Founded in Maryland, Chesapeake Hardwoods creates hardwood flooring that stays true to its Chesapeake roots. They make hardwood-flooring styles that are elegant, comfortable and casual. They harness the old world style and create wide plank hardwoods with a variety of shades that capture the feeling of the calming Chesapeake.

Chesapeake Hardwoods offer a high quality flooring at reasonable prices. You can get the premium styles to improve the look and feel of your home without spending a fortune. You can count on long-lasting hardwood floors with a warranty to back it up.

Chesapeake Saint Michaels Collection

The Chesapeake Hardwoods Saint Michaels Collection is solidly constructed at ¾” thick and 3 – 5/8” wide. The smooth hardwood textures come out after the wood is carefully crafted to obtain the natural beauty so easily seen in Chesapeake flooring.

The Saint Michaels Collection offers a variety of styles from natural looks to deep burnished colors with bold lines. The concept of this collection comes from a quainter look and more elegant time, which gives these options a warm and inviting feel. This collection contains 8 different style options:

  • Coastal Kempas
  • Brazilian Cherry Natural
  • Tigerwood Natural
  • Portside Kempas
  • Bay Kempas
  • Brazilian Teak Natural
  • Sunset Rosewood
  • Nautical Rosewood

Chesapeake Annapolis Collection

This Chesapeake flooring collection was inspired by life on the coast. The unique colors and textures are designed to evoke feelings of living life near the ocean. The engineered construction is 3/8” thick and 3” wide. The beautiful Annapolis area offers many inspirations for the Annapolis Collection created by Chesapeake Hardwoods. This collection contains 8 style/size options:

  • Gunstock Oak (3/8” x 3”)
  • Gunstock Oak (3/8” x 4-3/8”)
  • Brazilian Cherry Natural (3/8” x 3”)
  • Brazilian Cherry Natural (3/8” x 4-3/8”)
  • Butterscotch Oak
  • Natural Oak
  •  Royal Acacia
  • Walnut Acacia

Chesapeake Cambridge Collection

Each plank is handcrafted ensuring you get a unique, natural look. At ½” thick and 5-1/2” wide, this hardwood floors will add natural charm to your home. The Cambridge Collection offers breathtaking looks that will draw you in every time you enter the room. This collection offers a natural and rustic look with quality performance. The wide planks are meant to give the feeling of an old fashioned beach boardwalk. The Cambridge Collection has 4 hardwood flooring styles:

  • Sand Dune Oak
  • Marina Oak
  • Shoreline Hickory
  •  Coastline Hickory

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