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A 3 Generation Business

Clawes Carpets is a 3 generation business that has been providing service to Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area for over 30 years.  Mr. Clawes started the business in our Twinbrook- Fairfax location in 1976. His children Teresa, Bobby, Jessica and Roy grew up in the store and almost 40 years later they all are still working in the family business with now their children helping customers as well. The passion and knowledge they have for flooring is unsurpassed.

Serving the Greater DC Area for Over 30 Years

We pride ourselves on the amount of repeat and referral work we have. Below are a few testimonials that speak of the quality work we provide to our customers.

“Working with Clawes Carpet has been one of the most pleasant experiences in many years of working with contractors and service providers.  They really know their products and provide excellent advice on what products to choose for each specific need.”

“Clawes was absolutely excellent all around. The customer service was awesome, and they listened to what we needed without trying to upsell.”

“The installation crew was extra careful not mark any wall while moving heavy furniture and installing new rug which came out perfect cannot even find any seam work on rug. My home was left in perfect condition. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of everyone involved. I may have been able to find someone for less but in no way could they have done as good, honest and professional job as Clawes. I was so happy that I found them. From the moment that I met the salespeople, owner son, and installers, everyone was truthful and lived up to their commitments. I will surely use Clawes for any future rug purchases.”

“I read the reviews of Clawes Carpets and went to showroom. I was immediately greeted by the owner of the store. They gave me several color samples to take with me and were able to set up the estimate the following day. The estimator was right on time and very professional. The very next day, Clawes called back with the write up. The installation team showed up right on time and worked quickly and efficiently. They did a beautiful job! I received friendly, amazing customer service in all my dealings with them and am very satisfied with the product and installation. The next time I need carpet for my house, I will definitely use Clawes.”

“Clawes completed several projects for us over the course of two months.  In every instance, they were extraordinarily responsive in providing estimates, scheduling the work and following up on any concerns or corrections needed.  They were always very professional and knowledgeable in helping us to decide on the various options for both the carpet and ceramic tile.  In every instance we requested and were provided several samples of the carpets and tile to take home for several days.  They stood behind the work and vowed to do everything possible to ensure that we were 100% satisfied.  We highly recommend them.”

“When it looked like we might be moving overseas on short notice, I called Clawes Carpets.  I’ve lived in Fairfax County since the early 1980′s and knew of their solid reputation for quality service and fair pricing.  Although our move was cancelled, my interactions with Clawes lived up to my high expectations.  They came out promptly, provided a very competitive estimate, and showed me several carpets that I liked.  When they followed after a couple weeks, I told them that our move had been indefinitely delayed because of the sequester. The manager was very friendly and said he would keep my measurements for future use.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again if we ultimately move.”

Convenient Customer Services, No Pressure Sales Approach

We have everything you need from start to finish:

  • A friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Sample Check-Out Service
  • In-home Consultations
  • Guaranteed Installation
  • Financing Options
  • Complete Warranty Service
  • Free Estimates

Designed for Your Convenience

Everything at a Clawes’ family store is designed for the customer’s convenience – from the moment you walk in until you walk over the flooring installed in your home. The Clawes family and staff take pride in their reputation for the very best quality products and personal service. Owner Bob Clawes promises that “every customer will receive careful consideration when they visit our showroom.” Stop by one of their convenient locations and let them help you make your next decorating project a little easier.

             Remodeling and Home Design


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Posted by Kat Cicco June 6, 2014

Something I get asked on a daily basis…what are the trends these days? For a while things were a bit stagnant in the flooring industry and it was hard for me to give a definite answer for that question. And then within the past few years I have really seen some cool new trends emerging. So here is a list I compiled based on a. what customers are calling in and asking for b. what products are taking over the industry c. what I see are reoccurring trends on many of the most popular interior design sites.

Restored/Rustic/Hand scraped – When I first started in the industry many customers were willing to pay extra just so they could get less knots and variation in their wood flooring…and now it is become more popular for floors to have character to them. I have always found wood that had character, graining and variation was a good thing for my house hold because it certainly helps to camouflage wear and tear. And also being a wood nerd I do like to see the product in its most natural state, imperfections and all. 

Wide planks – Growing up and traditionally all of us have seen and are familiar with the 2 ¼ and 3 ¼ inch widths in red or white oak. Starting about 15 years ago is when I first saw planks getting wider (4 to 5 inch widths), then on to 6…7..and now 8 inches wide! It is truly amazing how far they have come with milling on these products. One thing to note is that with very wide plank boards they need to be engineered. For some people that’s a deal breaker because they want solid for the fact you can sand, stain and urethane. Some wood manufacturers I recommend you check out that we carry are Du Chateau and Anderson Floors

Oil finish wood floors- This is still something that most people are weary of. And of course I can’t blame them. “You mean…I get a floor that has no finish to it…and I am supposed to trust that it won’t damage more than a floor that is protected with a urethane finish??” I think it is going to take a while for people to feel comfortable purchasing a floor with no finish. With that being said a funny thing happened over the past week. As I was having dinner at my parents they mentioned it might be good to have the floors upstairs refinished…because they never have been refinished and they just thought it was time. Besides, the downstairs floor has been refinished 3 times since we lived in that home! Come to find out the floors have NO FINISH. Just the oil finish – that’s it! What is great about low gloss finishes is you don’t see the scratching as much as you would a high gloss.  So with the oil finish it hides damage done to the floors even better. With oil the advantage is you NEVER have to refinish your floors. Once a year apply a new oil coating and they look brand new!  Du Chateau is a great company that makes some real quality oil finished floors I would recommend to check out.

Who is the softest of them all?  Carpet companies have gotten smart…they realize customers are feeling with their hands to choose carpet…not their feet. So I have seen softer and softer carpet fibers emerge within all manufacturers. Do be warned though…we have seen some that are starting to compromise in performance and mat down that are very plush and very soft. The best recipe for a carpet that will perform for many years to come is short (referring to carpet fiber length), tight (the tighter the carpet yarn the better) and dense (referring to the amount of fibers per square inch). Of course we don’t like to name names as far as lines that don’t perform well but will steer you on the right direction when stopping in any of our store locations for soft fibers that will wear well in your home!

Greige…the new beige! - If you were to pick a color dead center between the colors grey and beige you would find greige (and no I did not make this one up!)…it’s taking over the sea of beige carpets we have seen dominate our stores for so long and I must say it’s a bit refreshing even with me not being a fan of cooler tones.  It’s a state of undyed, unbleached cloth.  A color with a raw and unfinished look (yup there is that “trend’ again…not just in wood but even carpet).  It is most popular in modern homes, rustic and traditional homes so be on the look out!

Striations - It’s in tile, it’s in carpet, and it’s in vinyl…its appearing in everything! If I have a designer come in the store I know exactly where to point them and that’s where the striated products are. I think it has a clean, simple and modern look to it. The patterns are quiet and suitable for formal setting such as dining areas, in bathrooms and I think it looks very interesting in long hallways. I see it most in earth tones, greys, blacks and whites. It’s sophisticated, subtle and not overwhelming. 

Ikat, Chevron, Moroccan,  Ogee, Quatrefoil, Latice…oh my! – I don’t think I have ever been so overwhelmed with such a large variety of patterns emerging at the same time! Bold, bright and playful these patterns can dress up any room. I find these most everywhere I go, the latest on the last tissue box I purchased. It’s hard not to take notice even when in the grocery store these days!

Don’t be square! Traditionally, ceramic and porcelain tile have come in symmetric square sizes. But within the past few years we are getting more and more updates for those products in plank sizes. It changes the whole look and feel of the room and gives it another dimension. Before this was only achieved with those products by laying them on the diagonal. With this it opens up many more patterns and designs such as wood or striated looks that could not be done in a square tile.

While all these are trends PLEASE keep in mind they are just trends. At the end of the day when it comes to flooring this is something that will be in your home for years to come. And what is popular now I am betting will not be 15 years from now. Just make sure it’s the right choice for your home!



Posted by Kat Cicco June 1, 2014

I have a cat and I am considering a loop pile carpet, can their nails get caught?

Yes, there is the possibility that their tiny little claws can get under those loops and pull out threads (along with small dogs). In most cases, I would recommend going with a cut pile carpet that does not have any loops in it. But if you are set on getting a loop pile carpet, I would advise to go with the tightest loop available.

I have a large dog and would like to get a wood floor, what would you recommend?

Growing up with labs, I have seen our wood floors take a beating. From the edges of our stairs getting gnawed, to water damage from the water bowl and of course claw damage from sprinting back and forth playing fetch (no matter how many times our mother told us not to play it in the house). If you are set on getting wood floor you will want to get something with a tough wear layer and something that includes a 25 year to lifetime finish warranty. Remember, that warranty only guarantees that finish will not wear or fade in 25 years …but with wood being a natural product it can still scratch. Unfortunately there are no guarantees for scratching. The great thing about wood floors is you can refinish them, and technology has come a long way for our four legged friends in that you can get protectors for their nails, in forms of nail clips and dog booties. Our dog of course would chew them off, so make sure you test it out on them first before purchasing your floor if you are relying on that to help save your floors from scratching.

Of course, you can always go with a product that has the look of wood, without it being the real thing! When I started in the business 15 years ago they did not have a lot to choose from, and really did not do a great job of imitating the real thing. But now companies such as Quickstep and Armstrong have created products that can achieve that look while being able to take a beating.

My pet tends to urinate a lot in the same area...what should I do?

Unfortunately with pets no matter how “well” trained they are as puppies and in their older years it is still going to happen. A few things to consider:

Carpet – Many companies offer a built-in stain and soil replant, of course some better than others. Companies such as Shaw can offer up to a 20 year pet stain warranty. You will want padding that has a moisture barrier as well. This ensures if the urine does get through to the padding it will not be absorbed. If you do have an accident, I recommend Urine-Off. I started selling this product 10 years ago; people came in and purchased it by the gallon. You use a black light to find the areas with urine; spray the Urine-Off and literally watch it disappear. It is truly amazing and even works on porcelain in bathrooms!

Hard Surfaces – Any glue down product is preferable. That way if it there is a lot of urine in one spot it can’t get under the product (causing it to pop up). I would recommend a Duracermaic, Alterna or luxury vinyl tile with a great finish warranty. Easy to maintain and clean! Just water and vinegar to clean most all floors.

Please feel free to contact me for further questions regarding flooring at!

Resilient Flooring

Buying Tips for Resilient Flooring

Why Buy Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring is an amazing material if you’re looking for something that is both a great value and long lasting.  It is softer under foot than ceramic tile and wood, which makes it a great choice in kitchens where you’ll spend a lot of time standing. Its ability to hold up under the harshest of conditions is why it is used frequently in commercial settings.

Resilient flooring is a great solution for residential applications as well. Breakthroughs in digital printing allow manufacturers to create the look of expensive stone, wood and ceramic floors with stunning realism at a fraction of the cost of the real material.

Another huge benefit of using resilient flooring is the easy maintenance. It is highly water and stain resistant. You will only have to sweep up dirt and debris periodically. If you need a deeper clean, you only need to use a damp mop. Follow all manufacture cleaning instructions.

Types of Resilient Flooring

There are different materials available depending on the setting you will be using the flooring in. For example, if you are looking to floor a residential area like your home kitchen you will likely choose one of the following materials:

  • Residential sheet vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Linoleum

If you are in need of flooring for a commercial setting you will have some different options. Your material options for a project like that will include:

  • Commercial Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Bio-Based Tile (BBT)
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Rubber Tile

We sell only the best brands of resilient flooring available. Call or stop in today to see our selection of resilient flooring.

Cork Flooring

Buying Tips for Cork Flooring

Why Buy Cork Flooring?
Cork is a progressive design option that offers high-end durability. Cork is a highly resilient flooring because it has elasticity and gives on impact. This makes cork a great option for comfort and sturdiness.

Cork is also known for its abundant design options. The versatile material allows for stains in many shades and it can also be painted. You can have the benefits of cork and still match any décor you choose.

Cork Flooring is Good for the Environment
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, cork is the perfect choice. This is because cork can be harvested from a tree without damaging the tree or stunting its growth. This makes cork the most naturally renewable resource for flooring.

What Type of Cork is Best?
It really all depends on your needs. Use plank-shaped cork if you are installing over existing flooring, but use tile-shaped if you need to glue it down. We can help you determine which is best.

Cork texture will greatly impact the look of your cork flooring. Small granules give your floor that traditional cork flooring look you are likely used to. A peeled cork texture gives it a beautiful natural cork look.  There are many other textures and designs to choose from. Contact us today and we'll make sure you get the right one for your home's needs.

Bamboo Flooring

Buying Tips for Bamboo Flooring

Why Buy Bamboo Flooring?
Bamboo flooring is one of the best ways to get a combination of beauty and durability. It is most known for its strength and stability, making it a great choice for flooring that lasts for many years. Although bamboo is actually a type of grass, it can be harder than oak, giving you a long lasting material.

Bamboo vs. Hardwood
It has a lot of the same benefits of hardwood plus a few more. It has less risk of damage due to expansion or contraction. It is also particularly resistant to insects and mildew growth. Bamboo is one the most recent materials to be used as flooring, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. It is a rapidly renewable resource that can be harvested every 5-7 years. An oak tree takes 60 years or more before it’s ready to be re-harvested. This makes bamboo a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about sustainability.

What Type of Bamboo to Buy?
There are a few color options to choose from to get the look you want. You can do a natural bamboo color are get a direct print bamboo to create bamboo flooring that looks like an entirely different type of floor.

There are different grain types for different looks. Vertical grain gives you a uniform, smooth look while horizontal grain helps display the bamboo's random growth rings. The hardest of the grain types is strand-woven which also gives a random look revealing the natural character of your bamboo floors. Contact us today, so we can help you make the right decision when purchasing your new flooring. 

Laminate Flooring


Armstrong     |     Quickstep

Buying Tips for Vinyl Flooring

The new generation of vinyl floors have new finishes, different construction and new types of backing. They are designed for better wear, clearer pattern definition, and easier to maintain and install. Manufacturers have gone primarily to cushioned products with wider widths to reduce the number of seams. New innovations in backing have made the today’s cushion vinyl floors more resistant to rips, tears and back staining. Most residential sheet flooring offer no-wax performance and a wide variety of colors and patterns–more than any other flooring product and generally speaking, cushion vinyl flooring is the most economical of all flooring choices.

Some products are designed to help you reduce subfloor preparation costs
Next to ceramic tile, vinyl flooring installation demands properly prepared subflooring. Most cushion vinyl products are thin and when they are installed with a full spread of adhesive over a poorly prepared subfloor, irregularities can telegraph through. New products designed for perimeter or loose lay installation will greatly reduce the effects of subfloor irregularities while lowering subfloor preparation costs. In fact, many of these products can be installed over you existing flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Products
Manufacturer’s have raised vinyl flooring to a whole new level when it comes to luxury vinyl product offerings. New technologies have led to greater realism in design and structures every bit as rugged as older inlaid products, and all of this without giving up the easy no-wax maintenance that is desired.

Special considerations when choosing sheet vinyl flooring
Beware of asphalt driveways as asphalt can react to certain conditions and transfer into the vinyl resulting in permanent staining. Be careful when moving or dragging heavy objects across the cushioned flooring as it often results in permanent damage to the surface.

Hardwood Flooring


Anderson     |     Appalachian Hardwood     |     Armstrong     |     Bruce     |     Chesapeake Hardwoods     |     DuChateau Floors     |     Faus     |     IndusParquet     |     Lauzon Hardwood     |     Mirage     |     Natural Cork     |     Shaw     |     Tarkett     |     Teragren     |     Virginia Vintage

Buying Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Factory Finish vs. Custom Sand & Finish on Site
You should feel comfortable with either choice. However, factory finishing offers many nice advantages. Factory finished flooring is inspected for defects at the mill so you receive first choice every time. On-site finishing depends on the quality of the workmanship that day.

Factory finished flooring usually installs more quickly and without the dust and odors that are involved with on-site finishing. However, even though factory finished flooring comes in a variety of colors, on-site finishing allows for closer color match with existing woodwork or cabinets. 

Both factory finishes and on-site finishes are available in either high gloss or matte. Both types have exciting new finishes developed with space age technology. These finishes are not like grandma's old wood floors because they require no waxing. 

Engineered products install where no solid hardwood dares to go
Prior to the development of engineered hardwood flooring, hardwood products could not be installed on slab or in your basement without a special subfloor system. Now you can enjoy real hardwood flooring in those areas without all that fuss and expense. A special cross-ply construction eliminates the problem of expansion and contraction usually associated with solid hardwood.

Don't become overly concerned with thinner or thicker top wood layers associated with engineered products because it's the finish you are walking on. Generally speaking you won't need to re-sand and finish these products; just re-coat them unless you need to change the color. 

Special considerations when selecting hardwood flooring
Direct sunlight can affect the color of hardwood stains, therefore closing curtains or shades during peak periods will reduce damage. Area rugs left in place for extended periods of time may expose a shading difference once they are removed from the remainder of the floor.

Large pets with sharp toenails can also damage even the best finishes.

Ceramic & Porcelain


Happy Floors     |     Mannington     |     Mohawk Ceramic

Buying Tips for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

The correct subfloor structure is critical to performance
Ceramic tile, more than any other form of flooring, requires the proper subfloor system and setting materials. A double subfloor system with the total thickness of 1-1/4", over floor joists 16" on center is required. The top subfloor layer should be exterior grade plywood or an underlayment specifically designed for ceramic tile installation like cementous backerboard.

Special setting materials are available which will allow ceramic tile installations over existing floors that are solid and already meet the above requirements. Failure to provide a sturdy base can cause grout to crack and release or tile to crack. 

Although many ceramic tiles look the same, there are quality differences
The quality of raw materials, the firing process, and the sophistication of glazing applications that create realism will determine the quality of the finished product. These quality differences are often reflected in the price.

Selecting the right surface glaze is an important step when selecting floor tile
Floor tiles are rated for glaze wear and slip resistance, which are important factors to consider. Glaze ratings should exceed 3 for residential applications with the exception of bath areas that can use tiles rated 2. Tiles with a slip resistant rating of 0.5 or better should work well in most indoor residential applications.

Use caution when selecting tile for installations outdoors. Unglazed quarry tiles, tiles with heavily textured surfaces, or porcelain paver tiles, all with slip resistant ratings of 0.6 or greater are possibilities. They must also be frost resistant. 

Request the best in setting materials
New latex modified mortars and grouts provide better strength while also allowing greater flexibility.

Special Caution
Dropping objects on ceramic tile--particularly heavy ones--can chip even the best tiles.

Carpets & Rugs


Ansonylon     |     Beaulieu     |     Capel Rugs     |     CMI     |     Couristan     |     Dixie Home Carpet     |     Fabrica     |     Masland Carpet     |     Masland Residential     |     Mohawk     |     Momeni Rugs     |     Shaw     |     Shawmark     |     Smartstrand     |     Tuftex

Buying Tips for Carpet & Rugs

Don't take the quality of your carpet cushion lightly
The performance of many carpets will hinge on the performance of the cushion. Spending a few extra dollars on cushion can mean extra years of performance for your carpet. Some carpet warranties also hinge on the grade of cushion you select. Carpet cushion affects the luxury feel underfoot, quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation, and, ultimately, the life of your carpet. Crushing or flattening of your carpet fiber causes it to look ugly long before it's useful wear life is over. Quality cushion will help resist this condition.

Don't judge the quality by feel alone
Thick and luxurious carpet can fool you at times. Determine the performance you want and the conditions effecting your carpet. A tighter twisted fiber doesn't feel as soft but it will generally give you better performance over the life of the carpet. A tightly twisted yarn will resist soiling, matting and crushing. When a yarn is not tightly twisted it may feel more luxurious but it will tend to crush and flatten out more quickly.

Read the labels
Generally speaking you can review the stain resistance, anti-static claims and wear warranties right on the back of the sample. You also will see the type of fiber ( nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.), the face weight, density, and twist.

There is no substitute for a knowledgeable sales person
As you can see there are a wide variety of issues to resolve in buying the best carpet for your needs. The performance and quality characteristics of carpet vary more widely than that of other flooring materials and a knowledgeable sales person will help you match up your performance needs.  


Shaw Carpet Sale

Style: Atherton
Color: Tea Stain
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Face Weight 25 oz

$19.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Shaw Carpet Sale

Style: Embrace
Color: Cheesecake
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Face Weight 39 oz
Softback Platinum

$33.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Shaw Carpet Sale

Style: Embrace
Color: Royal Creme 
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Face Weight 39 oz
Softback Platinum

$33.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Shaw Carpet Sale

Style: Sterling Heights
Color: Treasure Chest 
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Face Weight 34.10 oz
Softback Platinum

$34.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Dixie Home Carpet Sale

Style: Cozy
Color: Suede
Fiber: 100% Solution Dyed BCF Nylon 

Lifetime Soil & Stain Resistance Warranty
15 Year Texture Retention Warranty
15 Year Abrasive Wear Warranty 

$33.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Dixie Home Carpet Sale

Style: Spell Binding
Color: Rockport
Fiber: 100% Luxerell BCF Nylon 

Lifetime Soil & Stain Resistance Warranty
15 Year Texture Retention Warranty
15 Year Abrasive Wear Warranty 

$38.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Shaw Carpet Sale

Style: Fusion
Color: Cookie
Fiber: 100% Nylon R2X
Face Weight 34.10 oz

$23.99 sq. yd. installed (includes take up and removal of pre-existing carpet, installation, material and 8 lb. pad)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

Vinyl Special Armstrong

Style: Cheswick
Collection: Memories
Performance Class: Better

Color: Mesa Gray
Low gloss

15 year residential warranty

$33.99 sq. yd installed (price includes material and installation)

Special valid during: 07/01/2014 - 12/01/2014


More Products


Natural Cork     |     Zoroufy Stair Rods

Carpet Cleaning

Clawes Carpets uses the Hot Water Extraction method for cleaning carpets. Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. The process consists of applying a cleaning agent into the carpet pile and using water in the extractor to recover the used solution and soil. This is done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and wand brought inside or by a portable system brought into the home. Our cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet dries more quickly.

Most all warranties from the leading carpet manufacturers such as Shaw and Mohawk require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction by a professional cleaning service or do-it-yourself system. 

Our carpet cleaners are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Please call us 703-988-9484 to set up an appointment!



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