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All The Best Brands-All In One Place

Do-It-Yourselfers You Don’t Have To Limit Your Choices

Don’t settle for a handful of choices over the counter. Your time and effort deserves more than a look that everyone else has. See the latest DIY products and the wide variety of choices you really have. Select from innovative hardwood and laminate flooring products at Elite Flooring designed with easy locking systems that don’t require any adhesives or fasteners. These new products come in all sorts of widths, colors and styles with long lasting durable finishes. If you couldn’t make the installation demo at the box store, don’t worry. We’ll talk you through it and demonstrate how to get the job done on your time. We’ll even loan you the basic tools you need. Once you decide on your new floor, delivery is usually just a few days away.

New Arrivals – Carpet – Area Rugs – Hardwood – Laminate Flooring – Vinyl Flooring – Tile – More

Many of our suppliers have introduced new patterns and styles for the season. We’ve received exciting new carpet samples in the latest colors and styles. In hardwood, several manufacturers have expanded their exotic pre-finished hardwood and hand scrapped product offerings and you’ve got to see the new designs in laminate flooring. They just keep getting better and better and the finishes vary from low gloss to a high gloss piano type finish. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between real hardwood and these new laminate flooring designs. We’ve also added bamboo and cork flooring that is popular with our ecology minded customers. For an early look, click on our product links above and view all the possibilities on our manufacturer’s websites. At Elite Flooring we have certified installers for every product we sell.


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Visit Our Showroom-We Are Now Stocking 4 Different Colors Of Plush Carpet And Vinyl Sheet Flooring

For residential and commercial flooring in Hartford, CT and Southington, CT  visit one of our showrooms and let us help you create beautiful rooms in your home or office. We have a wide selection of pre-finished and un-finished hardwood floors, laminate floors, ceramic and porcelain tile, stone backsplashes, shower enclosures, granite and marble, decorative floor medallions, travertine, patterned carpet, area rugs, runners, vinyl, and much more.

Experience You Can Trust

Our staff offers years of real-world flooring experience and knowledge not often found in the large national chain stores. Because we are locally-owned, we want to help you make the right flooring and installation decisions for your home and ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

Professional Service

We provide professional flooring services for all commercial and residential new construction, remodeling, home improvement, or repair project. Our licensed and insured installers can efficiently install your new carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, porcelain and ceramic tile, or vinyl flooring. Elite Flooring Specialists installs all products to the industry’s highest standards, and ensures the use of proper adhesives, transitions and floor preparation techniques. You can be assured everyone on our team cares about you and your particular installation needs. We work with homeowners, contractors, builders, designers, and business owners. Stop by one of our showrooms in Hartford, CT or Southington, CT and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Flooring Supplies

Resilient Flooring


Armstrong     |     IVC Flooring     |     Karndean     |     Mannington     |     Mannington Flooring     |     Shaw     |     Shaw Industries     |     Tarkett

Buying Tips for Resilient Flooring

Why Buy Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring is an amazing material if you’re looking for something that is both a great value and long lasting.  It is softer under foot than ceramic tile and wood, which makes it a great choice in kitchens where you’ll spend a lot of time standing. Its ability to hold up under the harshest of conditions is why it is used frequently in commercial settings.

Resilient flooring is a great solution for residential applications as well. Breakthroughs in digital printing allow manufacturers to create the look of expensive stone, wood and ceramic floors with stunning realism at a fraction of the cost of the real material.

Another huge benefit of using resilient flooring is the easy maintenance. It is highly water and stain resistant. You will only have to sweep up dirt and debris periodically. If you need a deeper clean, you only need to use a damp mop. Follow all manufacture cleaning instructions.

Types of Resilient Flooring

There are different materials available depending on the setting you will be using the flooring in. For example, if you are looking to floor a residential area like your home kitchen you will likely choose one of the following materials:

  • Residential sheet vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Linoleum

If you are in need of flooring for a commercial setting you will have some different options. Your material options for a project like that will include:

  • Commercial Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Bio-Based Tile (BBT)
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Rubber Tile

We sell only the best brands of resilient flooring available. Call or stop in one of our flooring showrooms today to see our wide selection of resilient flooring.

Cork Flooring


Wicanders Cork

Buying Tips for Cork Flooring

Why Buy Cork Flooring?
Cork is a progressive design option that offers high-end durability. Cork is a highly resilient flooring because it has elasticity and gives on impact. This makes cork a great option for comfort and sturdiness.

Cork is also known for its abundant design options. The versatile material allows for stains in many shades and it can also be painted. You can have the benefits of cork and still match any décor you choose.

Cork Flooring is Good for the Environment
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, cork is the perfect choice. This is because cork can be harvested from a tree without damaging the tree or stunting its growth. This makes cork the most naturally renewable resource for flooring.

What Type of Cork is Best?
It really all depends on your needs. Use plank-shaped cork if you are installing over existing flooring, but use tile-shaped if you need to glue it down. We can help you determine which is best.

Cork texture will greatly impact the look of your cork flooring. Small granules give your floor that traditional cork flooring look you are likely used to. A peeled cork texture gives it a beautiful natural cork look.  There are many other textures and designs to choose from. Contact us today and we'll make sure you get the right one for your home's needs..

Bamboo Flooring




Buying Tips for Bamboo Flooring

Why Buy Bamboo Flooring?
Bamboo flooring is one of the best ways to get a combination of beauty and durability. It is most known for its strength and stability, making it a great choice for flooring that lasts for many years. Although bamboo is actually a type of grass, it can be harder than oak, giving you a long lasting material.

Bamboo vs. Hardwood
It has a lot of the same benefits of hardwood plus a few more. It has less risk of damage due to expansion or contraction. It is also particularly resistant to insects and mildew growth. Bamboo is one the most recent materials to be used as flooring, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. It is a rapidly renewable resource that can be harvested every 5-7 years. An oak tree takes 60 years or more before it’s ready to be re-harvested. This makes bamboo a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about sustainability.

What Type of Bamboo to Buy?
There are a few color options to choose from to get the look you want. You can do a natural bamboo color are get a direct print bamboo to create bamboo flooring that looks like an entirely different type of floor.

There are different grain types for different looks. Vertical grain gives you a uniform, smooth look while horizontal grain helps display the bamboo’s random growth rings. The hardest of the grain types is strand-woven which also gives a random look revealing the natural character of your bamboo floors. Contact us today, so we can help you make the right decision when purchasing your new flooring. 

Laminate Flooring


Armstrong     |     Bella Cera     |     Bruce     |     Quick Step     |     Shaw Laminates

Buying Tips for Laminate Flooring

Specially engineered with layered construction, laminate flooring can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including over dry concrete slabs, wooden sub floors and many types of existing floor coverings. The low clearance space height means laminates are particularly suited for renovation and restoring old houses where floor thicknesses can be a problem.

Why has this new product category been such a hit?

Laminate products feature a newer type of wear surface that resists scratching, denting, and burns better than many existing products. They also offer extended product warranties to back up these claims for superior performance.Much of the styling is done in wood grain patterns taking advantage of popularity of hardwood. Still other styling resembles natural stone like you would find in ceramic tile. Laminates offer a popular trade-off for people wanting wood or ceramic. Laminate floors are more scratch resistant than most regular hardwood finishes and easier to clean than the grout lines associated with ceramic tile installations. Laminates also require less demanding preparation of the subfloor because they are not glued directly to the subfloor. Most of these products are glued or snapped together over foam padding. This feature has made laminate flooring popular in areas where vinyl flooring traditionally was installed.Custom floor design is also very easily done with products that offer planks and squares that mix and match together.

High pressure laminate vs. direct pressure laminate

You’ll hear conversation on this difference but both products perform equally as well in most situations. The high-pressure products have greater chipping and impact resistance. High-pressure laminates also have a separate wear surface protecting the pattern, where as the pattern and the wear surface is the same with direct pressure products.

Laminate flooring in wet areas

Many of the products are okay for wet areas, but the core is made of wood fiber. Look for products that have warranties, that cover water damage. All of them will insist on proper installation.

Finishing touches are important

Look for products that can provide the needed accessories like reducer strips, stairnose, and even air vents that either match or coordinate with the flooring.



Hardwood Flooring


Appalachian Hardwood     |     Armstrong     |     Bella Cera Hardwood     |     Bruce     |     Chelsea Plank Flooring     |     Fermaw     |     Green River     |     Harris Tarkett     |     Homerwood     |     IndusParquet     |     Kahrs     |     Maine Traditions     |     Mirage     |     Shaw Hardwoods     |     Teragren Bamboo

World Class Woods & Laminates!

Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring Installed For $6.99/sf

Buying Tips For Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors provide warmth and beauty to your home. There are many other benefits of hardwood floors as well, such as the value they add to your home, easy care and cleaning, great style coupled with durability and as always, they are natural and safe for the environment.

Factory Finish vs. Custom Sand & Finish on Site

You should feel comfortable with either choice. However, factory finishing offers many nice advantages. Factory finished flooring is inspected for defects at the mill so you receive first choice every time. On-site finishing depends on the quality of the workmanship that day.Factory finished flooring usually installs more quickly and without the dust and odors that are involved with on-site finishing. However, even though factory finished flooring comes in a variety of colors, on-site finishing allows for closer color match with existing woodwork or cabinets. Both factory finishes and on-site finishes are available in high gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finishes. These finishes are not like grandma’s old wood floors because they require no waxing.

Our Pre-Finished Collection

Appalachian Flooring

At Appalachian Flooring, they are proud to offer you an exceptional selection of the hardwood species most sought after for their look and durability. Dealing in both domestic North American hardwoods as well as with imported exotic hardwood species from Brazil, Appalachian is sure to have a species that you will fall in love with. They also offer a variety of FSC certified products. Evershine is Appalachian Flooring’s revolutionary finish. It allows their floors to be both beautiful and resilient. It has a phenomenal capacity to retain its gloss and resist wear-through, thereby preserving the original beauty of the floor. Evershine will keep your floor better looking, longer. Evershine offers enhanced protection for your floor. There are other finishes that exist which also promise resistance to wear; however, their abrasion-resistant layer is usually applied beneath the topcoat. This means that the top layer of the finish remains susceptible to wear. This can result in your floor becoming noticeably dull in high traffic areas. The Evershine advantage is that the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are in the very top layer of the finish, thereby protecting the original appearance of your floor.  


Bruce hardwood floors offers premium hardwood flooring designed to keep up with your family’s lifestyle. Bruce offers the largest selection of colors and styles in wood flooring, virtually care-free finishes and our assurance of quality. Hardwood floors that are incredibly beautiful, highly durable and extremely affordable. And as always, they’re natural and safe for the environment.

Teragren Bamboo

If you are one of the growing number of consumers, design professionals and builders seeking ways to incorporate “green” products into your home and projects, you will find Teragren an experienced partner and valuable resource. From the moment Teragren was founded in 1994 (under the name of “TimberGrass”), they have been committed to developing and manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources, rely on renewable-resource materials, adhere to stringent, environmentally sensitive specifications, and promote green building. One of Tergaren’s most popular products is its synergy MPL strand bamboo.Synergy strand solid-strip flooring offers a random visual in multiple precise lengths. Exclusive Xcora technology makes Synergy perfect for high-traffic residential and commercial use.Synergy strand bamboo with Xcora technology is manufactured under a process that fuses bamboo fibers with an environmentally safe adhesive under extreme pressure to form homogenous, high-density sheets that are sliced and milled into flooring planks. As a result,Synergy with Xcora technology is 154 percent harder than red oak.

Engineered products install where no solid hardwood dares to go

Prior to the development of engineered hardwood flooring, hardwood products could not be installed on slab or in your basement without a special subfloor system. Now you can enjoy real hardwood flooring in those areas without all that fuss and expense. A special cross-ply construction eliminates the problem of expansion and contraction usually associated with solid hardwood.  Don’t become overly concerned with thinner or thicker top wood layers associated with engineered products because it’s the finish you are walking on. Generally speaking you won’t need to re-sand and finish these products; just re-coat them unless you need to change the color.

Wood Specie Hardness Comparision Chart

Below are listed the relative hardness for the wood species used in Elite’s Hardwood Flooring Collections. These ratings were determined using the Janka Hardness Test. The higher the number the harder the wood. This should be used as a general guide when comparing various wood species used in our floors. Hardness ratings will vary from when and where a tree was obtained. The plank construction and finish play an extremely important role in the durability and ease of maintenance of any wood floor.

Ceramic & Porcelain


American Olean     |     Anatolia Tile     |     Ardex     |     Atlas Concorde     |     Avaire     |     Daltile     |     Diamond Tech Tiles     |     Emil Ceramica     |     Ergon     |     Florida Tile     |     Hirsch Glass     |     Laticrete     |     Maniscalco     |     Mapei     |     Marazzi     |     Miracle Sealants Company     |     Schluter Systems


Buying Tips For Ceramic Tile

For some buyers, for particular areas of a home or business, tile is often the hands-down favorite flooring choice. It can be formal or casual, dressed up or down, dazzlingly decorative or stunningly simple. Ceramic and porcelain tiles provide some of the most versatile interior design possibilities, sporting an almost limitless array of sizes, colors, textures, and designs.

The correct subfloor structure is critical to performance

Ceramic tile, more than any other form of flooring, requires the proper subfloor system and setting materials. A double subfloor system with the total thickness of 1-1/4″, over floor joists 16″ on center is required. The top subfloor layer should be exterior grade plywood or an underlayment specifically designed for ceramic tile installation like cementous backerboard.Special setting materials are available which will allow ceramic tile installations over existing floors that are solid and already meet the above requirements. Failure to provide a sturdy base can cause grout to crack and release or tile to crack.

Although many ceramic tiles look the same, there are quality differences

The quality of raw materials, the firing process, and the sophistication of glazing applications that create realism will determine the quality of the finished product. These quality differences are often reflected in the price.

Ceramic Vs. Porcelain

Ceramic tile and Porcelain tile can add a sense of elegance to a room or outdoor space that is unmatched by few other home accent touches. Porcelain tile is effectively Ceramic tile. It is just made of a more refined material. All ceramic tiles are made up of clay and quartz ferrous sand materials, along with water. Once the tiles are formed they are fired to high temperatures and in some cases their surfaces are glazed. The only difference between Porcelain tile and regular ceramic tile is that the clay used in porcelain tile is more highly refined and purified. Consequently, porcelain tiles are denser than a standard ceramic tile.As a result, porcelain tiles are more rugged making them ideal for harsher applications such as flooring. Also, because of their higher density, porcelain tiles are less likely to absorb moisture (0.5%) which makes them more durable and more resistant to staining. Porcelain tiles are frequently found in floor applications, outdoor areas, and in cold weather climates where freezing can occur. With their low absorption capability they are less likely to crack in cold weather climates. Porcelain tile costs a little more than the traditional, more porous, standard clay tile; however prices in general have been coming down in recent years for ceramic tile. Ceramic tile comes in either glazed or unglazed surfaces. The glazed surfaces are like glass and are best used on walls as they are too slippery for floor applications. Glazed ceramic tiles are also a little more susceptible to cracking.

Selecting the right surface glaze is an important step when selecting floor tile

Floor tiles are rated for glaze wear and slip resistance, which are important factors to consider. Glaze ratings should exceed 3 for residential applications with the exception of bath areas that can use tiles rated 2. Tiles with a slip resistant rating of 0.5 or better should work well in most indoor residential applications.Use caution when selecting tile for installations outdoors. Unglazed quarry tiles, tiles with heavily textured surfaces, or porcelain paver tiles, all with slip resistant ratings of 0.6 or greater are possibilities. They must also be frost resistant.

Request the best in setting materials

New latex modified mortars and grouts provide better strength while also allowing greater flexibility.

Special Caution

Dropping objects on ceramic tile–particularly heavy ones–can chip even the best tiles.

Carpets & Rugs


Beaulieu     |     Charles Van Gelder     |     InterfaceStroll     |     Leggett and Platt     |     Milliken     |     Mohawk     |     Shaw     |     Stanton     |     Surya

Come Into Our Showroom to View All of Our In-stock Carpet Runners & Area Rugs

Among the various types of flooring, carpet simply has no equal for warmth, softness, reasonable cost, and the ability to reduce ambient noise. And as if these were not enough benefit, carpet is steadily becoming more stylish and environmentally friendly.

Don’t take the quality of your carpet cushion lightly

The performance of many carpets will hinge on the performance of the cushion. Spending a few extra dollars on cushion can mean extra years of performance for your carpet. Some carpet warranties also hinge on the grade of cushion you select.Carpet cushion affects the luxury feel underfoot, quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation, and, ultimately, the life of your carpet.Crushing or flattening of your carpet fiber causes it to look ugly long before it’s useful wear life is over. Quality cushion will help resist this condition.

Don’t judge the quality by feel alone

Thick and luxurious carpet can fool you at times. Determine the performance you want and the conditions effecting your carpet. A tighter twisted fiber doesn’t feel as soft but it will generally give you better performance over the life of the carpet. A tightly twisted yarn will resist soiling, matting and crushing. When a yarn is not tightly twisted it may feel more luxurious but it will tend to crush and flatten out more quickly.

Read the labels

Generally speaking you can review the stain resistance, anti-static claims and wear warranties right on the back of the sample. You also will see the type of fiber ( nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.), the face weight, density, and twist..


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"Nick had better products (carpet and kitchen vinyl) for the price than two other outlets I tried. He did what he said he was going to do when he said he would do it - and he returned my phone calls promptly. I'm happy I found him and will do business with him again."-Anne M. Vernon, CT.

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"We were very pleased with the entire process from our appointment to get a quote right up until the last board was installed. Everyone was on time and all work was done as promised with excellent workmanship, courtesy etc. The crew ripped out all the old flooring, disposed of it and installed BEAUTIFUL new hardwood floors in our 2000 square foot home in 5 days. Wow! We plan on hiring Elite flooring in the spring to tile our bathrooms."-Linda H. Middletown, CT.

"The installer showed up on time, was very polite, got right to work, answered every question I asked him. Cleaned up everything after job was done. He was very professional." -Lynn V. Bristol, CT.

"Excellent service and price."-Phyllis G. Vernon, CT.

"They were pleasant to deal with." -Janice D. Kensington, CT.

"Timely service with excellent work quality." -Alexandria S. Newington, CT.

"First of all, Elite Flooring Specialists, LLC bailed us out of a big mess we were left in by The Home Depot. We ended up with a large order of carpeting and no one to install it for us. Nick came to our house immediately to give us a quote and set up an installation date that was just 2 business days later. The installers showed up on time and were very friendly and professional. They did a great job! I would highly recommend Elite Flooring Specialists, LLC for carpet installations." -Kenneth D. Avon, CT.

"Professional, timely and pleasant to deal with. Did everything they promised. Strongly recommend to anyone. Price was very competitive." -Russ M. Planiville, CT.

"I found Nick and his people very professional, friendly and effective in doing my kitchen and bathroom floors. I am very satisfied and would recommend them to others for their flooring needs."-Alan V. South Windsor, CT.

"These guys did a great job, Nick was always easy to get in touch with. The prices were good and the floors look great. They were flexible on when they could do the work and got the majority of it done in one day. I definitely would recommend them."-Adam D. Glastonbury, CT.

"Very positive experience. The two installers that laid down the vinyl flooring were outstanding. My first contact with elite was through Nick and he acted quickly to get people on site to correct and finish a botched job started by another contractor. Elites guys came the next morning corrected the mess and finished the job cleaned up the area and were out of there in 4 hours. These guys are good."-Joe F. South Windsor, CT.

"Accommodating and followed though. Highly recommend." -Damien S. Middletown, CT.




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