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 October 7, 2015

We just finished a beautiful job in a customer's house in Wappingers Falls, New York.  It was a bathroom remodel.  The customer did the demo of the old bathroom, ripping out the old tile, sheetrock and flooring.   He put in new wonderboard on the walls and plywood on the floor.  We installed porcelain 12 x 24 on the walls and coordinating 12 x 12 on the floor in a grayish color.  The large size tile on the wall cuts down on grouts joints which many customers like because grout is always the issue years down the road.

October 12, 2015

We just started a prefinished hardwood job in Rhinebeck, NY.  The product we are using is Somerset 4" solid maple tumbleweed upstairs in the bedrooms and 5" engineered maple tumbleweed downstairs on the lower level.  Being its concrete the downstairs will be glue down.  We are also doing the steps in the 4" solid with oak nosings.  Should have pictures posted on Facebook next week sometime.

October 23, 2015

Just finished doing a handicap bathroom using american olean tile on the floor in ceramic mosaics 2 x 2.  The bath floor needed to be ripped up and the contractor had to build the floor so there is a pitch to the drain.  He accomplished this by using shims and hardibacker to create the pitch.  We then went in and used schluter kerdi over the floor and up the walls to create a waterproof system.  Installed the 2 x 2's over the kerdi and used built up base on the walls.  We will be grouting with latricrete spectra loc grout, which is a epoxy based product for commercial applications.  This job was located in Ludingtonville, N.Y.  When we are down the bathroom floor will have the right pitch for the water to drain out properly.

October 30, 2015

Backsplashes seems to be the popular products for this month.  I have had customer's stopping in to look for back splash tiles.  Natural stone is not as popular for the backsplash anymore.  I find customers looking for porcelain tiles with some sort of accent or glass tiles.  Glass tiles seem to be the popular product, especially since you can have an assortment to pick from.  Glass comes in different sizes and widths, they can be mixed with natural stone pieces, they can have different color glass mixed together on sheets,or they can have metals mixed in with them. 

 November 13, 2015

We just recently finished a ceramic kitchen floor located in Salt Point, N.Y.  We had to put plywood down because the house was a modular and had only one layer of plywood, so we install 3/8 plywood over the old flooring and used ditra on top.  Ditra is a crack suppression membrane and water proofing product.  It allows the plywood to expand and contract while allowing the tile on top to expand without cracking.  The tile was a 12 x 24 size which in the industry should be installed  side by side with grout joints even or with a third break like a subway pattern.  We explained to the customer that installing the tile on a half break is not recommended because the 12 x 24 porcelain tiles when fired creates a bow in the middle of the tile.  If you put a end tile next to the bow it creates a lippage effect.  Homeowner knew this and decided to half brick the tile anyway thus creating a lippage from tile to tile.  

November 13, 2015

Glass backsplashs are very popular these days.  We just recently finished a glass backsplash using 3 x 12 glass on a brick pattern in a home in Wappingers Falls, N.Y.  The homeowner wanted to run a schluter metal on top of the counter top to elevate the grout joint between the counter and tile which is where you usually have problems with the grout.  It either cracks out from the movement between the wall and the countertop or it makes it difficult to keep clean, especially behind the faucet.  Unfortunately is was a good idea but would allow water to get in between the metal and the countertop possibly causing water problems down the road.  We usually caulk that joint so it allows flexibility for expansion from the tile and the countertop.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of carpeting?

There are a few different types of carpeting:

Cut pile carpet - This is today's most popular style of carpeting.  Cut piles durability is achieved through the type of fiber that is used, twist of the yarn and density of the tufts.  The higher the twist of the yarn system the longer the tufts will hold their shape, making this carpet great for high traffic areas.  Cut piles come in different styles:   Textured Plush, Saxony, Frieze, Velvet Plush.

  • Textured Plush - These textured surfaces help to hide footprints and vacuum tracks.  Perfect for a busy household.
  • Saxony -   Ideal for areas such as living rooms and family rooms.
  • Frieze - Is known for the tips of the yarns being curled so you are walking the sides of the yarn system instead of the tips giving it the ability to minimal footprint and vacuum tracks.
  • Plush - Has a luxurious feel but creates footprint and vacuum tracks to be seen.  Usually used in low traffic areas or formal living rooms.

Level loop pile carpet - Creates a informal look which is usually used in high traffic areas.  Even commercial applications. There are multi-level loop or patterned loop pile, and cut loop pile.

  • Multi level loop- usually has different level of loop heights that creates a pattern effect.  This provides good durability  and a more casual look.  This is used especially in family rooms.
  • Cut loop pile - Combines the cut and loop yarns together to create a variety of different patterns.  This allows the carpet to hide soil and stains.

Comfortable. Stain Resistant. Carpet.

Soft and warm is what people are saying about carpeting.  With wide selections in colors and patterns, it's what families are looking for in their homes.  Carpet Manufacturers of today have the families lifestyle in mind.  These wall to wall carpets have become stronger and resist to stains from children or pets.  We provide services such as binding, surging, runners, wall to wall carpeting, area rugs for Wappingers Falls N.Y, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Hyde Park, N.Y., Lagrange N.Y., Lagrangeville, N.Y., Fishkill N.Y., East Fishkill N.Y.  Mohawk, Beaulieu, Kraus, Phenix, Shaw, Stanton, Philadelphia, Shawmark are just a few to name.  Stop in and see what we have to offer.

I think one of the benefits of putting carpeting in home is the feel of stepping on something warm and soft in the morning.   I find most customers looking for carpet are looking for something warm, cozy and animal friendly.  Stainmaster pet protect is one of those fibers.  

  • Resists difficult pet stains.
  • Easily releases pet hair.
  • Helps reduce pet odors.

There are always questions that are asked when a customer comes in looking for carpet:

  1.   What is the best carpet for stairs?
  2.   I'm carpeting a basement concrete floor what do you suggest?
  3.   Does your price include carpet installation price?
  4.   Do you suggest carpet ideas for family room?
  5. I found deals at Lowe's or I found deals at Home Depot, how does your price compare?

And the list goes on.  I have found through these conversation's when everything is said and done, my pricing is usually cheaper and a better product.  Choosing carpeting is not always easy but once the conversation starts I can usually steer the customer in the right direction.  Having a friendly knowledgeable staff helps also. 


Some people ask me the question:


I have been doing this work for over 30 years. Ceramic tile has been around for years. I find the difference can be a couple of things.
1. Ceramic tile is cheaper, you can't find a porcelain tile for under $3.00 per square foot. Some ceramics are as low as $2.19 per square foot.
2. Porcelain's have a better visual. With the increase in porcelain tiles being made, the products look more natural then a ceramic tends to look. We see porcelain tiles imitating woods, marbles, travertines, slates. These visuals are made to look like the real thing.
3. Porcelain's have low water absorbtion. This makes the product a harder and denser material.

What about Large Format Tiles?

The tile market is changing quickly these days.  The demand for larger tiles is growing.  For the tile installer, even a experienced one, tile installations are becoming more time consuming and are requiring more effort.  This can lead to unnecessary frustration.  The fact is, everyone wants a perfectly smooth floor surface covered by tiles of any size and barely visible grout joints.  There are many tools available to aid persons in these tile installations.  One such product is T-Lock Master.    The T-Lock Fast Tile leveling system is made up of a series of clips and wedges which allow tiles to be laid straight and even on floors and walls.  Check out their website @ www.perfectlevelmaster.com.


Glazed floor tile and wall tile are pretty simple to maintain, on the floor simply sweeping and damp mopping with clean water and a mild solution of a neutral cleaner formulated for tile is sufficient.  Over time if you use a cleaner that leaves a residue on the floor it will cause the tile to be a little harder to maintain, especially the grout.  If this is the case, then using a stronger cleaner with brushes might be needed to clean the tough areas.  Grout should be sealed so it does not absorb the spills that can happen.  Glazed wall tile will usually consist of just using a simply wiping with a dampened cloth or sponge.  Shower applications will require periodic cleaning in order to remove soap scum, body oils and hard water deposit build up.  Usually spraying these areas with a neutral cleaner and letting it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse is sufficient enough.  If the tiles have been neglected then a stronger solution maybe necessary to use.  Glass tile, which is the rave right now, should be cleaned with a soft cloth with warm water and a non abrasive glass cleaner.  Using abrasive cleaners could mare the surface and scratch the tile.


True professionals had all our hardwood floors replaced and couldn't be happier! They really know everything about the products they sell!
Joyce Sokolowski Just to add a little more about Lori. She is a wealth of knowledge. Don't need to say I will get back to you. It is all in her head. Try the place what go you have to loose
Very friendly, professional company. I had new carpet installed by Mid Hudson Floor recently and it was a true pleasure from start to finish. I highly recommend this company!
October 2, 2015
I had a customer stop in from Stormville, New York.  We recently did a engineered hardwood floor in her home.  She was so happy, her mother-in-law was with her and says she has been smiling from ear to ear since the floor has been down.  They highly recommend us to all the friends, family and coworkers.


Flooring Supplies

Resilient Flooring


Aqua Lock     |     Hybrid Fusion

Buying Tips for Resilient Flooring

Why Buy Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring is an amazing material if you’re looking for something that is both a great value and long lasting.  It is softer under foot than ceramic tile and wood, which makes it a great choice in kitchens where you’ll spend a lot of time standing. Its ability to hold up under the harshest of conditions is why it is used frequently in commercial settings.

Resilient flooring is a great solution for residential applications as well. Breakthroughs in digital printing allow manufacturers to create the look of expensive stone, wood and ceramic floors with stunning realism at a fraction of the cost of the real material.

Another huge benefit of using resilient flooring is the easy maintenance. It is highly water and stain resistant. You will only have to sweep up dirt and debris periodically. If you need a deeper clean, you only need to use a damp mop. Follow all manufacture cleaning instructions.

Types of Resilient Flooring

There are different materials available depending on the setting you will be using the flooring in. For example, if you are looking to floor a residential area like your home kitchen you will likely choose one of the following materials:

  • Residential sheet vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Linoleum

If you are in need of flooring for a commercial setting you will have some different options. Your material options for a project like that will include:

  • Commercial Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Bio-Based Tile (BBT)
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Rubber Tile

We sell only the best brands of resilient flooring available. Call or stop in today to see our selection of resilient flooring.

Cork Flooring

Buying Tips for Cork Flooring

Why Buy Cork Flooring?
Cork is a progressive design option that offers high-end durability. Cork is a highly resilient flooring because it has elasticity and gives on impact. This makes cork a great option for comfort and sturdiness.

Cork is also known for its abundant design options. The versatile material allows for stains in many shades and it can also be painted. You can have the benefits of cork and still match any décor you choose.

Cork Flooring is Good for the Environment
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, cork is the perfect choice. This is because cork can be harvested from a tree without damaging the tree or stunting its growth. This makes cork the most naturally renewable resource for flooring.

What Type of Cork is Best?
It really all depends on your needs. Use plank-shaped cork if you are installing over existing flooring, but use tile-shaped if you need to glue it down. We can help you determine which is best.

Cork texture will greatly impact the look of your cork flooring. Small granules give your floor that traditional cork flooring look you are likely used to. A peeled cork texture gives it a beautiful natural cork look.  There are many other textures and designs to choose from. Contact us today and we'll make sure you get the right one for your home's needs..

Bamboo Flooring

Buying Tips for Bamboo Flooring

Why Buy Bamboo Flooring?
Bamboo flooring is one of the best ways to get a combination of beauty and durability. It is most known for its strength and stability, making it a great choice for flooring that lasts for many years. Although bamboo is actually a type of grass, it can be harder than oak, giving you a long lasting material.

Bamboo vs. Hardwood
It has a lot of the same benefits of hardwood plus a few more. It has less risk of damage due to expansion or contraction. It is also particularly resistant to insects and mildew growth. Bamboo is one the most recent materials to be used as flooring, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. It is a rapidly renewable resource that can be harvested every 5-7 years. An oak tree takes 60 years or more before it’s ready to be re-harvested. This makes bamboo a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about sustainability.

What Type of Bamboo to Buy?
There are a few color options to choose from to get the look you want. You can do a natural bamboo color are get a direct print bamboo to create bamboo flooring that looks like an entirely different type of floor.

There are different grain types for different looks. Vertical grain gives you a uniform, smooth look while horizontal grain helps display the bamboo's random growth rings. The hardest of the grain types is strand-woven which also gives a random look revealing the natural character of your bamboo floors. Contact us today, so we can help you make the right decision when purchasing your new flooring. 

Laminate Flooring


Armstrong     |     Armstrong Certified Installer     |     Bruce     |     IndusParquet     |     Karndean     |     Mannington Flooring     |     Nafco     |     Quick Step     |     Teragren     |     VPI     |     Wicanders Cork

Buying Tips for Laminate Flooring

Why Buy Laminate Flooring?
If you have and active household, laminate will fit right in. It is designed to be durable and withstand a ton of foot traffic. It is highly resilient and will last for years. Laminate floors are very resistant to wear, fading and stains. Most are sold with a warranty to back that up.

Another benefit is the ease of installation. If you like to handle home projects on your own, laminate is a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. You can find glue-less installation options as well as self-locking laminate that can be installed on most subfloor types.

Laminate is a Cost-effective Substitute
Laminate is a master of disguise. It can look like almost any other style of flooring. Because it is made from less costly material, you can get expensive looks for a lot less money. With the latest breakthroughs in printing technology, you can find an extremely convincing laminate substitute for many different floor types.

Hardwood Flooring


Amorim Cork     |     Anderson     |     Appalachian Hardwood     |     ARK Hardwood     |     Armstrong     |     Bruce     |     Chesapeake Hardwoods     |     Columbia     |     Grillworks     |     Hartco     |     Homerwood     |     IndusParquet     |     Mercier Wood Flooring      |     Mirage     |     Mullicane     |     Somerset Hardwood Flooring     |     Tarkett     |     Teragren     |     Teragren Bamboo     |     WE Cork     |     Wellmade®     |     Wicanders Cork

Buying Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Factory Finish vs. Custom Sand & Finish on Site
You should feel comfortable with either choice. However, factory finishing offers many nice advantages. Factory finished flooring is inspected for defects at the mill so you receive first choice every time. On-site finishing depends on the quality of the workmanship that day.

Factory finished flooring usually installs more quickly and without the dust and odors that are involved with on-site finishing. However, even though factory finished flooring comes in a variety of colors, on-site finishing allows for closer color match with existing woodwork or cabinets. 

Both factory finishes and on-site finishes are available in either high gloss or matte. Both types have exciting new finishes developed with space age technology. These finishes are not like grandma's old wood floors because they require no waxing. 

Engineered products install where no solid hardwood dares to go
Prior to the development of engineered hardwood flooring, hardwood products could not be installed on slab or in your basement without a special subfloor system. Now you can enjoy real hardwood flooring in those areas without all that fuss and expense. A special cross-ply construction eliminates the problem of expansion and contraction usually associated with solid hardwood.

Don't become overly concerned with thinner or thicker top wood layers associated with engineered products because it's the finish you are walking on. Generally speaking you won't need to re-sand and finish these products; just re-coat them unless you need to change the color. 

Special considerations when selecting hardwood flooring
Direct sunlight can affect the color of hardwood stains, therefore closing curtains or shades during peak periods will reduce damage. Area rugs left in place for extended periods of time may expose a shading difference once they are removed from the remainder of the floor.

Large pets with sharp toenails can also damage even the best finishes.

Ceramic & Porcelain


American Olean     |     Aqua Mix Products     |     Ardex     |     Bella Cera     |     Better Bench and Recess-It     |     Crossville     |     Dal Tile     |     Diamond Tech Tiles     |     Durock     |     Emil Ceramica     |     HardieBacker     |     HB Fuller Tec Products     |     Huntington Tile     |     Interceramic     |     James Hardie     |     Laticrete     |     Mannington     |     Mapei     |     Mapei     |     Marazzi     |     Miracle Sealants Company     |     Mohawk Ceramic     |     Noble Company     |     Nuheat     |     Proma Products     |     Q.E.P. Roberts     |     Schluter Systems     |     Starquartz Industries     |     Stonetec Sealers     |     TEC     |     W.F. Taylor     |     Wedi

Buying Tips for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

The correct subfloor structure is critical to performance
Ceramic tile, more than any other form of flooring, requires the proper subfloor system and setting materials. A double subfloor system with the total thickness of 1-1/4", over floor joists 16" on center is required. The top subfloor layer should be exterior grade plywood or an underlayment specifically designed for ceramic tile installation like cementous backerboard.

Special setting materials are available which will allow ceramic tile installations over existing floors that are solid and already meet the above requirements. Failure to provide a sturdy base can cause grout to crack and release or tile to crack. 

Although many ceramic tiles look the same, there are quality differences
The quality of raw materials, the firing process, and the sophistication of glazing applications that create realism will determine the quality of the finished product. These quality differences are often reflected in the price.

Selecting the right surface glaze is an important step when selecting floor tile
Floor tiles are rated for glaze wear and slip resistance, which are important factors to consider. Glaze ratings should exceed 3 for residential applications with the exception of bath areas that can use tiles rated 2. Tiles with a slip resistant rating of 0.5 or better should work well in most indoor residential applications.

Use caution when selecting tile for installations outdoors. Unglazed quarry tiles, tiles with heavily textured surfaces, or porcelain paver tiles, all with slip resistant ratings of 0.6 or greater are possibilities. They must also be frost resistant. 

Request the best in setting materials
New latex modified mortars and grouts provide better strength while also allowing greater flexibility.

Special Caution
Dropping objects on ceramic tile--particularly heavy ones--can chip even the best tiles.

Carpets & Rugs


Beaulieu     |     Bella Cera     |     Carpenter Co.     |     Charles Van Gelder     |     FloorMuffler     |     Gems of Distinction     |     Healthier Choice     |     InterfaceStroll     |     Leggett and Platt     |     Milliken     |     Mohawk     |     Momeni Rugs     |     No-Muv Corp. Inc.     |     Phenix     |     Shawmark     |     Southwind Carpet Mills     |     Stanton     |     Stanton Carpets

Buying Tips for Carpet & Rugs

Don't take the quality of your carpet cushion lightly
The performance of many carpets will hinge on the performance of the cushion. Spending a few extra dollars on cushion can mean extra years of performance for your carpet. Some carpet warranties also hinge on the grade of cushion you select. Carpet cushion affects the luxury feel underfoot, quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation, and, ultimately, the life of your carpet. Crushing or flattening of your carpet fiber causes it to look ugly long before it's useful wear life is over. Quality cushion will help resist this condition.

Don't judge the quality by feel alone
Thick and luxurious carpet can fool you at times. Determine the performance you want and the conditions effecting your carpet. A tighter twisted fiber doesn't feel as soft but it will generally give you better performance over the life of the carpet. A tightly twisted yarn will resist soiling, matting and crushing. When a yarn is not tightly twisted it may feel more luxurious but it will tend to crush and flatten out more quickly.

Read the labels
Generally speaking you can review the stain resistance, anti-static claims and wear warranties right on the back of the sample. You also will see the type of fiber ( nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.), the face weight, density, and twist.

There is no substitute for a knowledgeable sales person
As you can see there are a wide variety of issues to resolve in buying the best carpet for your needs. The performance and quality characteristics of carpet vary more widely than that of other flooring materials and a knowledgeable sales person will help you match up your performance needs.  


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Mid-Hudson Floor & Wall Co.  offers services in Dutchess County, Ulster County and Orange County in New York State .  We offer a complete showroom with a staff that has over 40 years experience in the flooring industry.  We help the customer make the right decisions for the new flooring they are purchasing.



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