Decorating Tips

Choosing the Right Size Rug for Your Room

Remember, it’s your home and you decide what you like, as there are lots of opinions as to what works best. However, there does seem to be some basic rules of thumb that can be helpful. Most designers recommend leaving at least 18″ of bare space around the perimeter of the room. In a very small room you can generally get by with less.

In the dinning room, the rug should be large enough to accommodate both the table and about 24″ outside so chairs can be maneuvered on the rug. In the bedroom, the rug should look balanced and generally be large enough to extend 18″ along the side of the bed. Size of the room can be a problem and you may have to judge how it looks along the perimeter of the room as well.

In living spaces like living rooms and dens it is best to arrange the furniture before you decide on the rug size. Generally, it looks best when all the furniture legs are on the rug. However, with a small room you may like all the furniture legs off the rug. The rule of thumb is “all legs on” or “all legs off.”