Why Carpet Flooring?

Created by leading design professionals who know color, pattern, and trends, our carpet offers you a world of wonderful solutions for your home. Whether your setting is formal or informal, quiet or high-traffic, an empty nest or a house full of kids, we have the right carpet style for you. Below are the main carpet categories–one of which is sure to spice up your space:

  • Texture – The velvety look and feel of smoothly cut yarns may create a deep or light texture, which will result in a fresh and easy-care surface.
  • Twist – This refers to the number of times the yarn(s) are twisted. When the twist is tight, the carpet will often curl over a bit, resulting in a casual and modern look.
  • Loop – The manufacturing of a carpet creates yarn loops, and when the loops are kept tuft and uncut they create loop carpets.
  • Pattern – Cut and uncut loops can form distinctive designs, for decorating with originality and flair.

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Carpet Manufacturers

Shaw Floors
At Canopy Floors & Interiors we offer Shaw Floors because they make the cleanest carpets for healthy living. These carpets are made with LifeGuard® waterproof backing, engineered to keep 100% of all spills, splatters and accidents contained for complete clean-up protection!

Engineered Floors Dreamweaver
At Canopy Floors & Interiors we offer Engineered Floors Dreamweaver. They provide you with the choices you deserve and ensure that each room has exactly the right carpet.  Engineered Floors Dreamweaver carpets feature a PureColor solution-dyed fiber, which means that their carpets won’t fade from exposure to sunlight and won’t bleach from using household cleaners!

Carpet Fibers

There are four basic fibers that are used to manufacture carpets today, and they all have unique qualities and strengths. Better yet, they all make excellent carpets. Ultimately, your choice should be determined by the characteristics that are most important to you and your home.

Although some carpets are made of blends, most are made entirely of one of the following four fibers:

  • Nylon – The most commonly used carpet fiber and can be found in both cut pile and loop pile styles. Also, it is the most versatile of all fibers, providing excellent durability and flexibility in creating a variety of styles.
  • Polyester (PET) – Offers exceptional softness and color clarity and is also naturally stain and fade resistant.
  • Polypropylene (olefin) – Unlike other fiber types, polypropylene will not absorb water. It is solution-dyed, which means that the color will not fade when exposed to light, bleaches, or other harsh chemicals.
  • PTT (Triexta Polyester) – Features good resiliency and excellent stain resistance. While PTT is adequate for staining, it still attracts dry and oily substances which leads to premature wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Carpet Cushion

Carpet padding, or cushion, is the unseen comfort that makes your carpet look and feel great. Carpet cushion supports the floor by minimizing noise and maximizing warmth. It can even extend the life of your carpet!

Benefits of padding:

  • Supports your carpet, helping it last longer.
  • Gives your carpet a richer, thicker, softer feel.
  • Brings warmth and quiet to your home by absorbing sound.
  • Increases insulation, making your space more energy-efficient.
  • Keeps your carpet cleaner, allowing greater airflow and dirt removal during vacuuming.

Carpet Flooring Installation

Before Installation
If you want a problem-free installation, here’s a checklist of things to do before the installer arrives:

  • Make sure you know who’s removing your existing flooring.
  • Vacuum your old carpet before it’s removed, and after it’s up to minimize dust.
  • Make sure you know who’s moving the furniture – you or the installer.
  • Don’t leave anything, even drapery or plants, hanging over the installation area.
  • Measure door clearances before your carpet is installed – if the new floor is thicker than door bottoms may rub.
  • Paint first! If you’re planning to paint, wallpaper, or do any remodeling in the room, it’s best to do it before your carpet is installed.

During Installation
To make your carpet look good now and for a long time to come, here’s the procedure an experienced installation professional will follow:

  • Prepare the surface: Carpet can be installed over most smooth surfaces, so the installer will make sure your surface is clean, dry, and level.
  • Put up tack strips and lay carpet pad: The installer will nail or glue tack strips to hold the carpet in place. Once in place, the pad will be placed and secured with staples or glue.
  • Line up seams: This step is simpler for solid carpet and more complex for patterns – but a professional installer is trained to handle either.
  • Stretch the carpet: This is a work-intensive step that professionals follow carefully. They comply with industry standards so that the carpet will give the best performance for the longest period of time.

It’s a good idea to check with us directly to find out if there are any other actions we recommend before installation. And we can also help you choose a highly skilled professional installer. Just call 904-624-7002 and talk with a member of our friendly sales staff.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpet may be one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of. Keep your carpet looking beautiful for a long time by vacuuming regularly and wiping up spills promptly.

Many stain complaints are soil-related. For example. Many sugar-based spills, such as soft drinks and coffee, leave a sugar residue after removal. This sticky residue readily attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic, and the resulting discolored area is a stain.

The same thing happens when spills are cleaned with a detergent solution and the area is not sufficiently rinsed with plain water, leaving a sticky detergent residue. It is important to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill.

You will want to reference the manufacturer’s warranty for specific care requirements.

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