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Buying Tips for Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking for laminate flooring, the first step is to figure out whether laminates are right ­for you. Laminate floors are more durable and longer-lasting than many of the materials they imitate, and higher-end designs can be used anywhere in the home. Laminates also require less maintenance than hardwoods, which often need sanding and resurfacing after five or six years of use. Because laminates have a durable coating on top, they don’t scratch or gouge as easily as hardwoods do.

However, if a laminate floor isn’t properly maintained — for example, if you let water collect between the planks — edge swelling can result. This isn’t typically covered under the warranty. Many budget-brand laminate floors can’t be used in bathrooms or kitchens because of moisture issues. If you’re installing laminate flooring in a high-traffic area, choosing a budget brand may mean that the wear layer will fade after a few years.

Today’s vinyl flooring has come a long way. With the introduction of the new luxury vinyl tiles you now can have a floor consisting of up to 70 percent limestone. These remarkable tiles are so realistic, most people will not know it is not ceramic tile or stone flooring. The tiles can be grouted just like ceramic tile and are glued to the subfloor. LVT tiles are more flexible than ceramic or porcelain tile so it can be installed over most relatively level, wood subflooring.
Available in tile and wood patterns allows you to use these beautiful floors in any room in the house. The floating wood patterns are especially suited for wet areas.