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Buying Tips for Carpet

Carpet remains the popular choice for comfort, warmth
and ease of decorating. Your choice will depend on the style and performance
you are looking for.

Formal settings often call for single tone, softer, cut pile carpeting
or pattern carpets designed specifically for formal settings. For all around
performance nylon carpeting is generally the best choice. However, polypropylene
offers good stain, fade and abrasion resistance at very reasonable prices.
Wool carpet tends to be the more prestigious choice at higher price points.

Informal settings call for more casual styles, often in multi-color. Popular
product selections are Berbers, Shags, Friezes and certain pattern carpets.
Multi-color products help hide soil in active areas and as before mentioned,
nylon provides the best all round performance.

For commercial carpet installations, loop construction tends to be a popular
choice. In recent years carpet tiles have become popular.

Many carpets now come in both 12’ and 15’ widths eliminating the need
for seams in most rooms. If seams are required, generally cut pile products
hide seams better than loop or cut & loop styles.