2018 Flooring Trends

It’s officially summer, and you know what that means – home renovations. The weather is perfect, so why shouldn’t your home’s flooring be? There are so many options in today’s market between various flooring products and flooring manufacturers, which can make it difficult to make a selection. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help! Stay up to speed with these seven exclusive flooring trends for 2018:

Textured Flooring

There’s more to wooden floors than the basic hardwood. In 2018, there has been a great surge of homeowners who are opting for a more textured look and feel for their flooring. This trend, which can include hand scraped, wire brushed, or distressed wood floors, will make your home unique and unlike any other.

Bamboo flooringNatural Flooring

Environmentally friendly flooring is becoming increasingly popular, with bamboo, cork, and engineered wood being installed in homes across the U.S. While these natural flooring materials are trending in 2018, you must be realistic about your needs and keep them ahead of being in style. Bamboo and cork flooring may fade and buckle when wet but can be avoided with the proper precautions.

Look-alike Flooring

Do you love the way hardwood flooring looks but aren’t fond of the idea of having to worry about possible nicks and spills? Trending this year are various look-alike materials that can provide the look and feel of hardwood but with more resiliency. Your options include engineered vinyl planks, tile, and porcelain, which are all available in hardwood form. Laminate flooring that replicates distressed and reclaimed wood has also become a popular option amongst homeowners due to its resistance against pets and water spills.

Waterproof Flooring

Technology is evolving, especially in the flooring manufacturer industry! Waterproof flooring is increasingly popular in homes with pets and small children because of its resistance against possible accidents and spills. With options ranging from carpet, laminate, and vinyl, waterproof flooring allows you to style your home the way you’d like without having to worry about installing the appropriate flooring material.

Area rug on wood flooringCarpet & Area Rugs

Did you know that carpet flooring is still the most popular flooring material in the market? Although there are many new flooring products available to you today, carpet has managed to keep up with the times by enhancing their offerings to prospective clients. As mentioned above, waterproof carpet is making its way across the nation in households with pets and children. With increased awareness of protecting the environment, flooring manufacturers have also started focusing on efforts to offer environmentally friendly carpet made of recyclable materials.

If you’re not into layering your home with full on carpet flooring but still want to add softness and a dash of style to a particular room, area rugs may be the perfect option. Along with carpet, area rugs have become a sudden trend, especially when paired with one of the various flooring trends above that incorporate wood, laminate, or vinyl flooring.

Layouts & Patterns

You don’t always have to select a solid color for your flooring. This year, when homeowners select hardwood or look-alike flooring to install in their home, they’re putting a spin on the original same-size planks and tiles. Large, wide planks and diagonally placed flooring give your home that classic feel and a touch of uniqueness.

Whitewash wood floorColor

If you were wondering whether or not gray flooring was still “in” from last year, it is. Gray has become the new beige when it comes to neutral flooring colors, taking both carpet and tile by storm. If you prefer a dash of color in your home, blonde (lacking yellow hues), whitewash, and dark hardwood floors are also trending.

When it comes to flooring trends, 2018 has been quite the year! What do you think next year’s trends will be? Find your nearest Flooring Professionals expert to get started.

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