6 Ways to Install Tile

After finding the perfect type of tile flooring for your home, the next step is selecting the perfect tile pattern or style. It may come as a surprise to some that how you lay out your new tile will dramatically change the look and feel of a room!

Nowadays, there are just many exciting new tile styles and patterns to choose from. Read on to learn about a few of today’s most popular tile patterns to perfectly showcase your brand-new tile floor:

Straight Lay:

The simplest, most basic tile pattern, which effortlessly showcases the beauty of the tile with the tile style’s clean, classic lines and crisp design.


Tile is set at a 45-degree angle, to create a unique illusion which gives the floor an expansive feel. The diagonal pattern guides and focuses the eye, and directs the flow of the space while adding striking movement to the space.


This tile pattern is created with the use of square-shaped tiles, set in either a straight or diagonal pattern, and alternating between two color variations. Checkerboard tiles are sure to add a distinct, vintage flair to any space!

Running Bond:

Another basic tile pattern, often referred to as “Brick Pattern” or “Offset Pattern”. This particular type of tile layout is created by offsetting tiles by half of the width of one tile, and adds movement to the space without overwhelming the room with a bold, at times distracting pattern.

Diagonal with Dots:

Similar to Checkerboard, the “Diagonal with Dots” tile pattern is created with the use of large notched tiles paired with smaller accent tiles, which are typically a different color than the large notched tiles to create a distinct yet subtle pattern, with an undeniable sophisticated feel.


A tile pattern formed with varying arrangements of three or more sizes and shapes of tile. Modular patterned tile is sure to create a beautiful, truly one-of-a-kind look every time!

Looking for more tile designs, patterns or styles? Contact your local Flooring Professional.


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