7 Helpful Vacuum Attachments & Accessories for Carpet Cleaning

In addition to finding the perfect vacuum to fit your lifestyle, vacuum accessories and attachments are essential for enhancing the capabilities and extending the reach of your vacuum. Vacuum attachments, extensions and accessories make even the most basic upright vacuum a lean, mean dirt fighting machine! Check out a few of our favorite vacuum attachments and accessories for carpet cleaning, direct from the Flooring Professionals:

Crevice Attachment

a narrow hose attachment used to (as its name would suggest) reach dirt and dust lingering in crevices, corners and other tight spaces.

Dust Brush

a circular brush head, ideal for lifting dust and other particles off of a variety of surfaces without leaving a scratch. Dust brushes are a great choice for hardwood floors.

Floor Brush

a durable brush head with a beater bar. Floor brushes have a wide variety of applications thanks to their sturdy design—from lifting dirt and dust on hardwood floors to picking up spills on tile kitchen floors. 

Hard Floor Attachments

a collection of wide, flat attachments with subtle scalloped edges and stiff bristles. Hard floor attachments are useful when cleaning hardwood floors, as their design allows them to sweep over hardwood floor seams and tile grout with ease. 

Stair Cleaning Attachment

a wide, pivoting vacuum head with an extended hose. A stair cleaning attachment makes stair cleaning a breeze—effortlessly picking up dust, dirt and dander off your stairs and moldings. 

Vacuum Brush

a wide attachment with long, thin bristles. The vacuum brush is ideal for picking up dirt, dust and especially pet hair on a variety of carpets and upholstery.

Upholstery Brush

similar to a vacuum brush, however an upholstery brush has longer, stiffer bristles. Upholstery brushes are often useful when shampooing carpets or getting stains out of various pieces of furniture, as their long bristles and strong suction power are ideal for working soap into upholstery.

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