7 Vacuum Features to Consider

While on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner, chances are you’re going to come across vacuums with a wide variety of styles and features. After choosing your ideal vacuum style, there are still so many vacuum features to pick and choose from!

There are just so many innovative vacuum features available nowadays—but which ones are right for you? And how do all of these vacuum features help (or hinder) the vacuum’s performance? There are a number of features available in the wide selection of vacuums on the market today—read on to learn about a few of today’s hottest vacuum features:

Adjustable Power Settings

While this feature is typically found with high-ender vacuum cleaners, adjustable power settings make your vacuum significantly more versatile—as it allows you to change your vacuum’s power and suction levels based on the surface you are vacuuming. The adjustable power setting feature is quite handy when vacuuming multiple surfaces at once, such as a wood floor with a delicate area rug.

Adjustable Carpet Pile-Height

This feature allows the user to adjust the height of the vacuum’s brush roll based on the pile-height of the carpet they are vacuuming to allow for more thorough cleaning and overall easier movement. This feature comes in handy when vacuuming irregularly thick, deep or shallow carpets to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency.

Bare Floor Options

This feature encompasses a variety of optional equipment and features to help while cleaning bare floors and surfaces, such as hardwood and vinyl flooring.

Brush Agitator

A brush agitator, also known as a roller brush, is often found underneath the vacuum, and spans the width of the vacuum itself. Brush agitators are often used to dislodge dirt, dust and grime from a variety of dense, think surfaces so that the vacuum’s suction can easily pick up the unwanted particles of dirt. 

Dirt Sensor

While this feature is only found in a few vacuum models, dirt sensing technology has become increasingly popular nowadays, as it is able to easily detect when the vacuum is no longer picking up dirt. While dirt-sensing vacuums cannot seek and destroy dirt on their own, this technology has proved quite popular as it alerts the user when to stop vacuuming.


Vacuum headlights, also known as headlamps dramatically improve visibility while vacuuming dimly-lit rooms and under furniture. Nowadays, this feature comes standard with most upright vacuums, and some canister vacuums as well.

Retractable Cord

A retractable cord allows vacuum users to rewind the machine’s cord with the push of a single button. While this may seem like a rather simple innovation, the retractable cord feature has been proven to be incredibly useful, as it saves time and effort otherwise spent manually winding the vacuum’s cord back up at the end of every use.

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