A Basic Guide to Flooring Materials

Picking out flooring can be stressful and you might not even know what your options are. Below we are sharing a basic guide from bhg.com to what exactly each flooring material is, what you’ll pay for it, and the options for design.


Material – Cork is all natural and made of bark of the cork oak tree. It is molded, baked, cut and varnished into tiles or planks. Cork is a natural sound reducer, heat retainer, and shock absorber. 

Cost – Generally ranged from $3-$6 per square foot. 

Design – You can find cork in all types of patterns, shapes and colors to fit your needs. 


Material – An image of some kind of material, like stone or wood, that is layered in between a clear protective coat on top and fiberboard on bottom. Pieces can fit together like a puzzle with grooves.

Cost – About $1.45 to $3.99 per square foot. 

Design – Pick some variations in the laminate to make the pattern look more real.


Material – Linoleum can contain materials such as wood, cork resins, powder or pigments, which are then combined with linseed oil and put onto a jute backing. Customized linoleum will take 2-3 weeks to make.

Cost – Anywhere from $2 to $4 per square foot. 

Design – Limitless color and pattern options.


Material – Resilient flooring that consists of printed vinyl with a protective top layer. Two types of vinyl are available — felt back and fiberglass.

Cost – 50 cents to $5 per square foot 

Design – Any photo images can be placed in vinyl and it will just roll out without laying tile if it is fiberglass backed. 


Material – Adding to a homes value, hardwood flooring can be made of many types of wood like oak or tigerwood. 

Cost – Hardwood can be more expensive than others, anywhere from $2.30 to $10 per square foot.

Design – It is important to consider foot traffic that will wear down hardwood, but you can choose from many shades and grains to match your style.


Material – This tile can be a mixture of clay and minerals baked together. 

Cost – Quality and additional features can up the price, but ceramic starts at about 75 cents.

Design – Options include anything from squares to a mosaic of shapes. Lots of colors and patterns are available.



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