A Year-Round Guide to Hardwood Flooring Upkeep

You love your hardwood floors, but it can be a lot of work to take care of them during every season throughout the year! From snow to slush to dirt and everything in between, there are a lot of things that can damage your floors. While it may take some work, protecting your floors year round will keep them looking beautiful and last for several years. Check out some of our tips for keeping your floors looking great year-round.


April showers bring May flowers…and wet shoes into the house! Lay a towel down by your garage or front doors so people can take off their rain boots and shoes when they enter the house. Even better, ask people (especially the kids!) to remove their shoes before traipsing all over your hardwood flooring. Reducing the amount of water and residue that muck up your hardwood will preserve the appearance and texture of the wood. Spring is also the time when everything is blooming and allergens are flying around everywhere. You may think that allergens are just in the air, but they can find their way into your hardwood flooring. Make sure that you vacuum and clean your floors regularly to get rid of any dust or allergens that are lurking in your floors.


Everyone is on the go during the summer! From trips to the pool and the beach and cookouts, your floors will see a lot of foot traffic. Make sure that no one leaves any wet towels or clothes on the floor, as moisture will slowly warp and distort your hardwood. Be sure to keep your floors protected from direct, hot sunlight for long periods of time to keep the color of your floors from fading. Both curtains and area rugs can help with this.


Seeing the leaves change colors is a sure sign that fall is here, but you certainly don’t want those leaves inside your house! Place mats at the entrances to your home and ask that people scrape off their shoes before they enter. This simple step will remove a great deal of leaf debris and dirt that you don’t want tracked on your hardwood floors. Be sure to sweep and mop up any leaves that will inevitably find their way inside, and keep an eye out for any stray Halloween chocolate that finds its way to the floor!


Without a doubt, winter can be the harshest season for your hardwood flooring. Make sure that everyone removes his or her boots and shoes before entering, especially after playing outside in the snow. If you see any moisture on your floors, be sure to mop it up as soon as you can. Invest in a heavy-duty doormat or two for the high traffic area of your home to safeguard your hardwood flooring even further during those cold snowy months.

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