All-Too Common Misconceptions About Harwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been misunderstood for years, deterring countless potential buyers. There are a number of rumors and common misconceptions out there about hardwood flooring, and we’re here to set the record straight! 

Here are a few common misconceptions about hardwood flooring that you can take off of your “cons” list when considering hardwood flooring for your home:


If I Choose Hardwood Flooring My Color Choices Are Limited: although there are a few strains of hardwood that are particularly popular (such as red and white oak), there are many types of hardwood flooring available, meaning you can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and species!

All Hardwoods Have the Same Hardness Factor: hardwood species vary in hardness, as they vary in hardwood grade.

Wood Floors Last the Longest in a Climate with Minimal Humidity: the wood flooring industry recommends that you keep the temperature in your home set at normal living conditions, meaning between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with relatively low humidity (approximately 30% to 50%).

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors is with a Damp Mop: on the contrary, the best way to clean hardwood floors is actually with a dry microfiber dust mop. Check out our blog on the best tips for cleaning wood floors for more advice on cleaning hardwood floors.

Wood Floors Aren’t Meant for Kitchens: as hardwood flooring is built to withstand heavy traffic and moisture—with its minimal maintenance and long-lasting beauty, hardwood flooring is actually the perfect choice for kitchens

Wood Floors Require Extensive Time and Effort to Maintain Their Beauty: unlike many other types of flooring, hardwood floors can be kept looking like new for years! There are countless hardwood care tips & tricks you can utilize to maintain your hardwood floor’s beauty, and make it look like new for years to come! 

Looking for answers to more of your wood flooring questions? Find the local flooring professionals near you, and have all of your unanswered flooring questions answered today!

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