Benefits of Choosing Porcelain or Ceramic Tile For Your Home

Tile floor in modern kitchenWe know it can be difficult to choose the flooring you want for each room in your home, but that is where we come in! Similar to other Flooring Professionals articles about the benefits of hardwood, carpet, etc., this time we are bringing you all of the benefits of choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles, if you are considering this flooring material for your home.

Before we list all of the benefits of tile flooring, you should know the difference between porcelain and ceramic. Although they are both made from ceramic clays, porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature, which makes them harder and less porous than ceramic tiles. This difference in the way the tiles are formed results in a lower price for ceramic tiles. Both porcelain and ceramic can be a great choice for your home, depending on your needs and budget!


Here are the benefits of choosing porcelain or ceramic tile for your home:

  • Durability:

    Tiles are one of the hardest flooring materials on the market and will be able to withstand foot traffic, dropped objects, and any environment.

  • Resistant to liquids:

    Because tiles are not very porous, water will not permeate through the tiles, making tiles great for kitchens and bathrooms. This also makes tiles stain resistant if cared for properly. There are also options available to seal your flooring tiles with a glaze.

  • Minimal maintenance:

    Because of the water resistant nature of porcelain and ceramic, the only real maintenance required is to sweep debris and occasionally mop the surface.

  • Long lasting:

    If installed correctly, tiles can last in your home for decades without repair or replacement. Contact your local Flooring Professional for expert advice on installation.

  • Easy to repair:

    If indeed there is enough impact upon a tile on your floor to break or crack it, a repair only requires removing and replacing that individual tile. Make sure to keep a box of a few extras after you have your original floor installed.

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