Best Carpet for Pets

Finding the best carpet for pets can be a challenge, because of the numerous carpeting options available to homeowners. Animals can be incredibly hard on flooring, so it is important to keep them in mind when shopping for carpeting. There are five main things to look for before making a final purchase.

Carpet Pile 

Carpet is made with one of two main pile types: cut and looped. The best carpet for pets will have cut piles. The problem with looped piles is they get stuck on your dog or cat’s nails causing them to fray, tear, or pull out your carpet piles. Looped piles can also be an irresistible chew toy for some pets. Always choose cut piles.

Carpet Fiber

Your two primary choices of carpet fiber include nylon and polyester (also known as PET). You shouldn’t judge either one of these options too quickly. Although polyester fiber is typically more stain resistant, nylon is sometimes a good option because of the recent advancements in stain treatments. It’s worth looking at what specific manufacturers have to offer before making a final decision. But when in doubt polyester is your safest bet. 

Backing: Gel and Waterproof

Finding the best carpet for pets has just as much to do with the backing as it does with the pile and fibers. For the best defense against liquid messes (common for pet owners) look for carpet that has either a gel back or waterproof backing. This will make liquid spills less detrimental and easier to clean up. If you ever run into a difficult to remove stain, these types of backing will hold up well against hard scrubbing.

Colors and Patterns

The best way to keep your carpeting looking good and long lasting is to perform regular cleaning. But if you’ve ever owned pets, you know how hard it can be to keep up with mess. It may be in your best interest to choose colors or patterns that can hide the small messes that accumulate between cleanings. For example, white carpeting would be a bad choice for chocolate lab owners.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles make replacing specific sections of a carpet much easier. This is an excellent solution if you own a puppy with the annoying habit of chewing everything in sight. If one section of your carpet becomes damaged or stained, you can remove the tile and replace it with a new one rather than replacing the entire room. Buy a few extra tiles when you make your initial purchase so you have extra on hand if needed.

In Summary

The best carpet for pets will always have cut piles and never looped. Although polyester is usually the best material to prevent stains, don’t overlook the newest stain treatments specific products have to offer. Make sure your carpet’s backing is waterproof or highly water-resistant. Gel back carpets are a great option for pets. A smart choice in color or pattern can help mask some of the mess between cleanings. And finally, installing carpet tiles can save you a lot of trouble if you ever need to replace a section of your carpeting. 

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