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Home Exercise Room

When you begin designing your home gym, the best thing you can do is start with the floors. Choosing the wrong flooring can ruin the function of your gym and can also lead to injury. You want to install a floor that will protect the structure underneath, and prevent injury to those using it.

Choosing the best exercise room flooring depends largely on what type of equipment you plan on having in your home gym. This article will discuss three flooring options. While some are better than others, you might be able to get away with a more affordable option depending on the intended use. 

Rubber Flooring 

This is by far the best and most recommended flooring type for those designing an exercise room. It provides the necessary cushion needed for heavy weights and equipment. It also gives you a non-slip surface that is key to preventing serious injury. The “give” that rubber flooring provides is also a fantastic shock absorber in case you fall or drop a heavy weight. 

You can find rubber-flooring options that are manufactured specifically for home exercise rooms. They can be purchased in long rolls or rubber tiles. Be sure to buy a high-quality brand especially when dealing with the rubber tiles. Cheaper options of rubber tiles have a tendency to slide and create gaps and overlapping which can be dangerous.


Carpet is generally not recommended for this type of home project. The standard high pile can create uneven surfaces for gym equipment—making the equipment a huge safety hazard. If you are going to use carpet, be sure you choose a low-pile carpet. The heavy-duty carpets that are designed for high traffic areas are the best way to go. However, there is very little cushion with this option, so it is not advised for people using heavy equipment like free weights.

Laminate Flooring

Always choose a high-quality laminate flooring for your home exercise room. Again, this option is not as ideal as rubber flooring, but will do the trick depending on your workout plans. If you are looking for more of a yoga/Pilates studio, then laminate is a much more cost-effective solution. Again, if you plan on doing serious weight training, rubber is the best and safest flooring for your home exercise room.

These are three of the more common floor types people consider when building a home gym. As you can see rubber is the best flooring type for your exercise room. Contact a local flooring dealer using our search portal to learn more about what type and what brand of flooring you should use for your fitness room. 

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