Best Flooring for Bathrooms

Finding the right flooring for your bathroom is a big task.  It’s important to put in the time and research to find the one that best fits your requirements, but also one that has the look you desire. Depending on your needs, one type of bathroom flooring might be more practical than others, and it’s important to determine which.  Here are a few of the best types of flooring to use in this essential space:

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic floor tiles are the obvious choice for many when it comes to laying down a bathroom floor.  Usually textured to prevent slipping, ceramic tiles come in various styles, colors, and patterns – meaning the selections are virtually endless.  Ceramic is also the top choice for its water resistance and ease of maintenance, both necessary in a bathroom setting.  Many types of ceramic tile need to be sealed once every two years or so, a small price to pay for this ideal bathroom flooring.

Limestone & Other Natural Stones:

Limestone and other types of natural stone are excellent choices for a bathroom.  Their spa-like appearances typically go well with bathroom décor and their natural no-slip texture is always an advantage. This type of flooring will be pricier, but is well worth it for their luxurious looks.  It also requires more maintenance and typically needs to be specially treated for water environments, to improve its durability and longevity.

Vinyl & Linoleum:

Manufactured flooring, like vinyl or linoleum, can also work perfectly in a bathroom, even more so if you have young children.  These floorings can be made to look like any other flooring imaginable, often at a lower price.  They’re scratch, stain and water resistant and easy to install.  Over all, both vinyl and linoleum are viable options for a bathroom floor!

Flooring to Avoid:


Carpet was a popular choice for bathrooms in the homes of yesteryear, but it no longer makes sense to use in today’s homes.  However, if you find appropriate carpeting – one with water resistance and a strong barrier between the carpet and the padding – then you might be able to use it in a bathroom with no trouble.  But before you install new carpeting, consider the alternatives.

  • Alternative: Decorative Rugs
  • For some, carpet is only appealing for its warmth underfoot.  For this reason, throw rugs and bath mats are great substitutes for bathroom carpeting.  A few strategically placed rugs means your feet never have to touch the cold tile – and you’ll never have to deal with a soaked carpet in your bathroom.

Hardwood Flooring

While this is a traditional choice for most of the home, it may not be conducive to a bathroom setting – unless, of course, it’s been pre-treated to withstand daily exposure to moisture.

  • Alternative: Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • If you absolutely can’t stand to live without the look of hardwood floors, opt for luxury vinyl instead.  It’s durable, water and scratch resistant, and is made to look just like wood flooring.  It might not provide the same feel as traditional hardwood, but it’s a close second!

Depending on your budget, the options for bathroom flooring are endless.  Contact your local flooring professional for additional guidance on choosing and installing your new bathroom floor!

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