Best Flooring For The Elderly

Elderly Couple Dancing on FloorWhen you’re seeking out the best flooring options for senior citizens the two main factors you should consider are ease of maintenance and safety. Depending on the stage of life and physical restrictions of the resident, one factor may be more or less important to you than the other.  Here we’ll review various flooring options that are a good fit for the elderly.


Cork is an exceptional flooring option for senior citizens as it is both easy to clean and is a soft surface that will limit bodily harm in the event of a fall. Cork will also limit the likelihood of slips and trips due to its naturally non-slip surface. Cork is also an effective insulator, which will help cut heating and cooling costs.

The only thing to watch out for is cork is highly susceptible to water damage and should be kept as dry as possible. Any liquid spills will have to be cleaned up immediately. 


Carpet is a great solution if you are concerned about falling accidents as there are plenty of soft and plush carpeting options available. Carpet is also a great option because of its non-slip surface and insulating properties.

There are 2 main drawbacks when it comes to using carpet. First, it is harder to clean than some of the other options we’ll discuss. Also, carpet has a tendency to trap dirt and dust particles especially when not maintained properly. This can cause poor air quality, which can have a noticeable impact on senior citizens with respiratory illness.


Vinyl is by far the easiest flooring option to clean and maintain, which makes it a great option for seniors living on their own.  Stains and water damage are virtually a non-concern. Sweeping on a regular basis is all that is required. 

The potential downfall with vinyl is the fact that is not going to be a soft landing if tripping is a concern. However you can add a layer of felt or cork underneath to create a softer surface. 

Choosing the correct flooring is essential to creating a safe and easy to manage environment for the elderly. These flooring options provide some great choices depending on the needs of the specific resident.



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