Best Home Gym Flooring

The flooring you choose is one of the most important aspects of designing your home gym. Your decisions will ultimately depend on what type of exercises you plan on doing and what type of equipment you are going to set up in your workout room.

Your focus is two-fold. You want to choose flooring that will be resilient and protect your floors foundation. You also want something that will protect you and your equipment. Here are a few options to help guide you in this process.

Rubber Flooring

Out of all the flooring options available, rubber flooring will be your best option for a home gym. It typically comes in either longer rolls or tiles. Some tiles lock together similar to a puzzle. 

It’s usually pretty thick and resilient, which makes it a great option for free weights that you might occasionally drop on the floor. This floor will be ideal for more advanced home gyms that have heavier equipment like squat racks and treadmills. It’s also the best flooring option for noise reduction and is highly slip resistant.

If you’re looking to save money, but still want the full protection of the rubber flooring you don’t have to cover the entire floor. You can order just enough to place your free weights or other heavy equipment on, as these are the things that really need it.

Laminate or Vinyl

These are a decent option for a home workout room, depending on what you are going to be doing. It’s perfect for a yoga studio where you are going to be using a non-slip yoga mat anyway.

It’s also a good option for cardio enthusiasts planning on doing zumba or other dance workouts. You can purchase a small rubber mat if you want to do more high impact exercises.


Carpet is probably the least effective workout room flooring of all the options listed here, but it can be used and does have some benefits.  It provides minor noise reduction and some materials are slip resistant. However, carpet is likely to wear and tear much sooner than the other flooring types.

Purchase low-pile carpet so your gym equipment can rest level on the floor.  Also be sure to buy carpet that is meant for high-traffic areas, as it will last much longer. If you are planning on using heavy equipment it is highly recommended that you place it on a section of rubber flooring. This will help protect your subfloor and avoid costly repairs later on.


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