Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

Now that you have your beautiful new hardwood floors installed in your home, you’ll do anything to preserve their look.  A fundamental component to regular maintenance is to keep hardwood flooring clean and free of dirt and debris.  But with so many different products and cleaning techniques out there, it can be difficult to decipher exactly what you should be doing.  The funny (but not that funny) thing is, that certain cleaning products and tools labeled for hardwood flooring use can actually damage the finish, inhibiting what you’re trying to achieve in the first place.   The absolute best mop to use to keep your floors looking their best is a mop with a soft microfiber dusting pad.  And, if you really want to be sure that all the dust is removed, a dusting pad with fringed edges offers the most reach.  

The technique used to clean your floors is just as important as the mop type.  Before using any wet product on your hardwood floors, it’s important to adequately remove all dust and dirt.  If you try to wet-mop your floors without dry-mopping them first, you run the risk of scratching and dulling the finish.


When dry mopping your floors, be sure to keep the mop in contact with the floors at all times.  Lifting it up could allow dirt to get trapped underneath the mop, scratching your floors as you continue to clean.  Use this technique across an entire room in a methodical manner to ensure every spot is cleaned.  Feel free to use a vacuum hose extension with a felt attachment to pick up any dirt hiding around the baseboards.  Once you’ve dry-mopped, you’re ready for other techniques that’ll bring out the shine!  


For this step in cleaning your floors, it’s imperative that you designate another soft microfiber pad to use in conjunction with liquid cleaning products.  It’s recommended that you use whichever cleaning products and techniques the flooring manufacturer or your flooring professional suggests.  They are most informed on what will work, and what won’t, when cleaning your specific hardwood flooring. As always, never allow water or cleaner to sit on your floor when cleaning.  Water damage is one of the more expensive repairs to hardwood flooring, often because whole planks need to be replaced due to warping and peeling. The best method to keep your floors looking their best is to practice preventative measures.  Using doormats to catch unwanted dirt and debris off of shoes, or even a place to take shoes off all together, are both great options to keeping your floors like new.  Dry mopping your floors once a week is also a good idea, and will reduce how often you need to wet-mop.  With proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful hardwood floors for many years to come! 

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