Best Rugs for Kitchens

If looking to spruce up a tired kitchen décor, adding or changing any rugs will do a world of wonders and bring life back to your kitchen.  After all, one of the greatest steps to redesigning or redecorating a kitchen is picking out a new rug!

However, before going out and buying an expensive rug, there are a few important things to consider.  Are you shopping for design or functionality?  Durability or style?  Do you eat meals in your kitchen or is it solely for cooking?  And lastly, what type of space do you have to work with?   Here are a few types of rugs that are most popular among consumers, and why they could be the right fit for your kitchen:

Woven Rugs

Woven Rugs

Woven rugs made with wool or synthetic materials are excellent choices to use by a kitchen sink or under a kitchen table.  Large woven rugs are more common, meaning they’re often used to fill the space underneath tables and bigger fixtures.  It’s important to remember that these areas are prone to spills, and not just liquids.  Spaghetti, cake batter, and cracked eggs are all possible offenders – and your carpet should be ready to handle the messes.  Rugs with a flat weave work well to prevent stains, but there may be better options on the market.

Washable Rugs

Woven Rug

Yes, you read that right – look for a rug that is completely washable, preferably one you can throw in the washing machine.  Like mentioned above, kitchens are prone to major spills.  Especially for families with children, it’s worth any extra cost when buying these types of rugs.  Luckily for parents everywhere, washable rugs come in varying designs and colors, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for cleanliness.

Plastic Floor Mats

Plastic Floor Mat

If you need more durability and ‘cleanability’ than a normal rug can provide you, you might consider buying a plastic floor mat for your kitchen.  At first glance, a plastic rug does not appeal to many, but they are quickly growing in popularity.  Made from recycled plastics, these types of rugs are durable, colorful, and ecologically friendly.  They tend to be more expensive than other rugs, but are well worth the price for their longevity and eye-catching designs.


To fill those awkward or narrow spaces often found in kitchens, many people use runners.  Runners can be found in most rug-types, and in varying colors and designs.  Not only do they warm up a room and add an extra element of design, but they’re also more comfortable to stand on during long periods of cooking.

Like any area rug, a kitchen rug should follow the same protocol as far as sizing and shape is concerned.  Adequate ‘breathing room’ between the rug and the edge of a wall or fixture is imperative to allow the rug to feel natural in its space.  Smaller rugs that fit under sinks or dishwashers should be centered and used with no-slip mats so they stay in place.

Regardless of the rug type you choose, a bright new rug is just the thing you need to liven up your kitchen.  With proper maintenance and care, these rugs will last for years to keep your kitchen cozy and welcoming!

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