Builder Magazine’s Top Ceramic Tile Finishes for 2017

Builder Magazine recently released a list of the top ceramic finishes that we can expect to see a lot of over the next year, and we are here to share the list with you so that you can stay on trend! There are many ways to play around with these different ceramic finishes in different rooms of your home. Take a look below for ceramic tile ideas to incorporate in your home:

Fractured Mosaic

We have found many mosaic tile designs dating back hundreds of years, but now we are making our mosaic designs seem even more dated by creating a ‘fractured’ look. The appearance of these mosaic designs seems like larger tiles were smashed, cracked, or broken, and either set in place or worn down over time. This creates a less calculated tile pattern for a more natural look.


As we see time and time again, styles come and go, only to come back again. It is no surprise that retro pattern and color are inspiring home designers to break through the neutrals and bring in some attention grabbing ceramics. Bold colors and art-deco patterns are definitely coming back this year, and are a great way to have a large statement piece in your home – the floor!


Tile patterns are now getting a glamorous upgrade with shiny and shimmery effects. Metallic tiles can make a very loud statement if used all over a room, but can be toned down if they are spaced out a bit. If you go this route, make sure to pick metallic tiles that will match the other finishes in the room.


Tiles that are given an “industrial” look often mimic the looks of cement and different metals. Keeping with 2016’s theme of “gray is the new black”, many of the industrial looking ceramic and porcelain tiles include shades of gray, or muted tones.


As one of the most popular traditional flooring materials, hardwood is getting a different spin this year. Ceramic tiles now come in a variety of wood-look patterns, colors, grains, etc.! This is a great option for those who want hardwood, but would prefer a more durable material that will better resist water and wear and tear.

Rustic and Terracotta

The rustic style has definitely been a theme in the past couple of years when it comes to home design, with many coveted styles including more natural motifs. Tiles in 2017 will be designed not only with wood patterns, but also with stone and terracotta finishes.

Interesting Textures

Tile textures and patterns don’t have to look like actual tiles anymore! New tile designs include those of fabric, like plaid and tweed, watercolors, lace, and more. This year, there will be no shortage of texture and pattern options for your tiles, and the list is ever growing.


2016 was the year of marble! We saw the marble pattern on everything, from tableware, to fabrics, to jewelry and more. In 2017, marble will not go anywhere, and is going to be a huge tile trend in both new and renovated homes. White is the most popular marble color trend, but with the revival of darker colors, like black and navy, we should see more variation in the selection.

Black & Blue

We are seeing a lot of matte black finishes popping up in home design recently, from iron details, to matte black kitchen appliances. Additionally, the color navy is set to be a huge home trend in 2017. With both of these colors at the forefront of home design, we are not surprised that they are also predicted to be popular tile colors this year.

Make sure to consult your local Flooring Professional for more design tips, and for all of your professional installation needs!


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