How to Choose the Best Rug Pad for Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to flooring that lasts for a long time, and makes any space look stunning. With that being said, if you don’t take care of your hardwood flooring the way that your Flooring Professional recommends, they may not last as long as you had hoped. When choosing to decorate with area rugs, runners, or entry mats on top of your hardwood flooring, rug pads are a must-have. They will first and foremost protect your floors, but that is not the only benefit!

Other reasons why rug pads are important

Not only do rug pads protect your hardwood flooring, but they also have benefits that you may not have considered until now. Rug pads create grip between the floor and your area rugs so they don’t slip or bunch from daily foot traffic. This is important to consider because movement of your rugs may cause injury to anyone walking through your home who is not paying mind to bumps in their journey. Rug pads also provide additional cushion underfoot that for a healthier living environment if joint health is a concern for anyone in your household. The last, and least obvious, benefit of rug pads is that they create additional soundproofing between levels of your home or building!

rug padChoosing the right one

When choosing the right rug pad for your hardwood flooring, considering the function of what the rug pads can do is important. If you live with elders or small children, perhaps you will want a rug pad with more cushion to prevent injuries or make getting around easier. If you live in some type of apartment or condo building, maybe you want to purchase rug pads with more sound absorption. Maybe you are just concerned with protecting your floors, and in that case, almost any rug pad will do!

Types of rug pads

Rug pads vary in material, thickness, and as we mentioned before can vary by function, but the material they are made of can also be a factor in your decision. To learn what type of rug pad is best, take a look at the difference in materials:

  • 100% Natural Rubber: This material is great for any type of hardwood and also works with all types of area rugs. Natural rubber is the safest option if you are worried about chemicals or added synthetic materials as it does not contain any added plastics or adhesives.
  • Mix of natural rubber & recycled felt: This combo of materials is the most durable type of rug pad and adds lots of cushion underfoot. We recommend choosing this type of rug pad for glossy hardwood finishes because it will not stain a slick or polyurethane coated floor.
  • Mix of natural rubber & plant jute: Plant jute and natural rubber together are almost as durable as the recycled felt mixture, but maintains the safety of 100% natural rubber. This material will not cause any added damage to your hardwood floors and will also provide a good grip for your rugs.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the rug pad that is best for your home, the Flooring Professionals are at your service! Contact your local Flooring Professional to talk to them about hardwood installation, as well as the rug pad manufacturers or stores that they would recommend for prolonging the life of your flooring.


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