How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right hardwood floors is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home. You’ll walk on it every day. You’ll place heavy things on it. You’ll even drop one, two or maybe even a thousand things on it. Odds are you’ll scratch it up a bit, especially if you have a pet.

Before selecting your hardwood floor choice, take several of these factors into account.

Solid vs. engineered hardwood

Flooring manufacturer Flooring Master, which has four locations in Florida, offers a detailed breakdown of solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood is cut straight from solid logs and can be ordered unfinished or pre-finished. It is recommended to be installed on the first floor and any floors above your home. It typically expands and contracts with the changing climates so it’s not recommended for use in basements, which is the part of the home that experiences the most humidity. Engineered hardwood is comprised of several layers of real wood topped off with solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is more versatile than hardwood and can be used throughout the house, including the basement because it’s not as prone to buckling or distorting as solid hardwood.

How much foot traffic does your house withstand?

Whether you’re a big family or an older buyer who doesn’t walk much but still uses either a walker or a cane, a floor with a strong, resilient finish is likely for you.

Florida flooring contractor Flooring Master offers 38 laminate finishes for your hardwood floor. If you’re choosing a smooth finish, be sure to consider the differences between low, medium and high gloss. Low gloss doesn’t provide any shine but can sustain high traffic while high gloss offers your home a shiny, classy look but deterioration is easier to see.

Hardwood floor color

Is your preference dark or light wood? How strong does the floor reflect natural and artificial light? How does the color coincide with the wall color and baseboards?

One piece of advice to make your color decision easier is to request a small sample of the floor you’re considering in order to test against the light and to compare with the colors of your wall and baseboard. Selecting the right color will help define the personality of your home.

What’s below the floor?

 The two primary subflooring options or hardwood floors are concrete slabs and plywood. Concrete subfloors typically limit buyers to engineered hardwood, which can handle being placed on concrete for the long run. Plywood is versatile, allowing installers to nail solid or engineered hardwood into it.

If you’re in need of hardwood flooring, Flooring Master is one of the top flooring contractors in Florida, offering quality work and professional service. Contact out to them for your flooring needs or search for a flooring contractor in your area here.

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