Concrete Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Home designs have taken a turn for the industrial with the emergence of stylish concrete flooring in many homes.  We might imagine concrete flooring in a warehouse or garage, but it has also made an impression on modern homes that crave its sleek look and cool feel. Typically when concrete is featured in a home setting, it will be polished rather than rough and isn’t always the pale grey we imagine it to be.  Here are a few concrete flooring ideas that might be a fit for your home!

Polished Concrete

All in all, the standard coloring of concrete is still a desirable hue for many modern homes.  It can be polished to a smooth sheen and is often considered a luxury flooring in many spaces.  As is, it easily falls into the backdrop allowing other industrial home features to take precedence.

Unconventional Stains

While grey is the traditional coloring, there are also several stains on the market to bring life to any flooring.  Pictured above is a brown stain with an epoxy seal.  Homeowners can also opt for brighter colors like a fiery red or aqua blue.  When done correctly, this creates extraordinarily unique flooring with depth and diversity.

Faux Hardwood

If you love the look of hardwood flooring but it’s not an option in your basement due to moisture concerns, consider having your concrete stained to look like wood planks. Creatively using stains and texturizing techniques, concrete flooring can mimic real wood floors but without the water susceptibility.  This is best done by a professional and is certainly not a DIY project.

Scoring Concrete

Concrete floors don’t always have to look like one continuous slab – some homeowners opt to score their flooring in linear patterns while it’s setting to create the illusion of tiling. The scores themselves can be stained to create a contrasting line.

Floor Murals

Concrete flooring lends itself especially well to stenciled patterns and painted designs.  A floor mural or pattern is easily achieved on concrete slabs and is ideal for creative workspaces or smaller rooms. Once sealed with a clear epoxy, your designs will last for years to come!

Interstellar Floors

This concept is definitely not intended for the traditional home. Concrete can be spruced up in a big way with epoxy and coloring powders with clever application.  After prepping your concrete, applying a coat of clear epoxy and spinning in special powders before it dries will create swirls of intense colors, often times resembling galaxy-like features. The appearance of depth is similar to stained concrete, but the use of several colors makes it unlike anything else you’ve ever seen! 

While an unconventional flooring choice, your local flooring professional may be able to guide the way when choosing the right concrete flooring technique for your home.  To find the nearest professional to you, use the search tool here!

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