Cork Flooring Maintenance: The Basics

With numerous benefits and environmental impacts, cork flooring is becoming more and more popular in homes today. Cork is well known to keep your wine tasting fresh, but that doesn’t mean that it will always keep your floor looking fresh. Proper maintenance and care is the best way to make sure that your cork floor will last for decades!

Cork Flooring Maintenance



  • Regularly sweep and dust your cork floor
    • Use a soft-bristled broom to remove dirt and debris
  • Use a soft-sponge mop with warm water and minimal dish soap
  • Damp mop with a very small amount of vinegar
    • Only once a week
  • Vacuum when needed
  • “Hands and knees” scrub using a very small amount of Murphy Oil Soap
    • Only two times per year
  • Refurbish your cork floor using polyurethane
    • Only every 5-7 years


  • Don’t use too much dish soap or vinegar
    • Less is always more
  • Don’t use a vacuum without an agitator
    • This can cause scratches on your cork floor
  • Don’t use these flooring products which are considered to be harmful to cork flooring
    • Bleach Cleaners


  1. Pick up a wood filler that best matches the tint of your cork flooring (try testing it on a small section first just in case the color doesn’t match!)
  2. Fill in any dents or scratches as needed
    • Let air dry
  3. Once completely dried, use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood filler and make it level with your cork flooring
  4. Using a rag, apply a matching stain on the area that you applied the wood filler (use an old rag or one you don’t need to keep nice)


  • Floor mats: Mats pick up debris from shoes and also help prevent the build-up of moisture.
    • Prop tip: Breathable mats work best!
  • Curtains: Cork flooring should be kept away from direct sunlight because it tends to discolor and fade when exposed for prolonged periods. Curtains, blinds, and drapes should be utilized to minimize exposure.
  • Pet nails: Keeping your pets’ nails trimmed can help minimize scratches on your cork floors.
  • High Heels: Maintaining the padding on the tip of your high heels can go a long way in helping to avoid impressions on your cork floor.
    • Pro tip: take off high heels when indoors!
  • Furniture: Never drag your furniture across the floor because it will cause scratches on your cork floor.
    • Pro tip: Magic sliders or other materials can be used under furniture that is often pulled across the floor.

Maintaining the longevity of your cork flooring should not be your worst nightmare. With all of the positive benefits and environmental impacts of cork flooring, you will definitely want to keep up with your flooring maintenance. To learn more about cork flooring products, available flooring manufacturers, and installation techniques, please contact your local flooring experts today.

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