Over the past few years I have preached the importance of moisture testing and documenting your results. Documentation takes time, and there is a cost associated to documentation as I am sure some of your competitors do not go through this process. But, I also believe there is a value in documenting your findings not only for you but for your customer to ensure you are providing the best overall service to them and their investment in flooring. Now there is a web site that allows you to do this from your cell phone. is a new online tool offering start-to-finish documentation of Flooring Installation and Concrete Moisture Testing. You take the Pictures, they document the Job! allows you to take photographs, add notes from your cell phone and upload them to the website and saves them for future reference if and when needed.

How FloorDocs works:

  • Cell Phone pictures are taken on
  • Each Picture is Location–Date–Time stamped.
  • An optional description field is available for each picture.
  • A Job Report is generated from the pictures and immediately updated as pictures are taken.
  • Job Reports can be emailed, saved on the website or downloaded to a computer.

What to document on FloorDocs:

• Anything that should be documented, can be documented on
• Pictures of material delivery; for products requiring a specified timeframe for acclimation.
• Pictures taken at the start of installation confirming the length of time material was on-site.
• Overall rooms scenes to help recall furniture and fixture placement.
• Before and after pictures, including repair work.
• Site conditions; basements, crawlspaces, gutters, landscaping, grading conditions.
• Moisture testing of flooring material, subfloor, basement and crawlspaces; showing meter & readings.

• Hygrometer readings or data logger placement.
• Anhydrous Chloride Tests & RH Concrete Moisture Testing.
• Installation materials and tools: glue, trowels, underlayments.
• Problems noted before, during or after installation & signed disclaimers.


• Job Reports provide irrefutable evidence in the evident of unwarranted claims or lawsuits.

  • Watch jobs in progress from any mobile device or computer.
  • Stop finger pointing and disputes with full documentation.
  • Job Reports are always at your fingertips; on the road, or in the office.
  • Eliminates emailing and filing digital pictures, job folders and outdated hand-filled worksheets.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity within your organization.
  • Promotes Professional Work Ethics for Installers and Techs, and peace of mind for business owners.
  • Use it as a selling tool to your customers showing how professional your shop is at looking after their investment in flooring.

For more information please contact Linda Lockwood 609-660-1717 or visit http://



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