Don’t Buy Just Any Old Doormat

Poor doormats. They’re the forgotten household accessories that you take for granted. They get stepped on, stomped on, kicked, and left out in the cold. They bend and break just so you can have somewhere to wipe your feet and where does that get them? A quick trip to the garbage can. Whether you’re in need of an outdoor doormat or some for inside, making sure you have efficient doormats is key for keeping your floors nice and clean. Check out our top picks for this spring’s hottest doormats that will be stealing the show in your home!

For the Earth lovers

Show your doormat and the environment some love with this recycled rubber doormat. These interlocking hearts will spread the love, not the dirt, as they easily trap particles and moisture in the design and it even washes easily. The recycled rubber and natural latex means that it will be hard to crack, and will not attract any mold or mildew.

For the wine lovers

Whether you need a reminder to pick up a bottle of Merlot before you return home or your friends have a tendency to come over empty handed, this doormat is for you. “We hope you brought wine” is not just an optimistic thought, it’s a personal statement that sets the tone for all those who enter your home. In addition, this doormat is made from natural coir material and will take the dirt right off your friend’s shoes faster than you can say “thanks for bringing the wine”.

For the youth

If you don’t understand half the things Millennials are saying these days, we are there with you. One thing is for certain, though and it’s that this doormat is on fleek. (Did we say that right?) Impress your neighbors or younger siblings with your mastery of the English language with this hip doormat that only needs one word to express your welcoming nature: Sup? The high-quality coconut fibers ensure that you wont be replacing this doormat for a while.

For those with two and four legs

There is nothing worse than seeing your precious pet have the time of their life playing outside…and then wiping their dirty paws all over your floors. So maybe you don’t clean the floors that often, but that’s not the point here. The point is, wiping your feet and paws is the polite thing to do! This dual-action doormat is perfect for a pet-friendly home. Heavy-duty rubber will hold this mat in place and the sustainable coir material will trap dirt while resisting mold and mildew.

For no fuss no frills

Like your 2002 Honda or your one friend who always bails on plans, this doormat could be called old reliable. Its simple design disguises the fact that it is a doormat that does it all. Chose from a variety of colors to match your interior décor, and feel better about your carbon footprint by choosing this eco-friendly mat that uses 20% recycled rubber. It requires minimal effort to keep clean, and for you patriots, it’s made right here in the US of A.

Doormats may not be bright and shiny, but they are essential to keeping your home and floor as tidy as possible. Check out the Flooring Professionals online for more information.

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