Flooring That Pairs Best with Hardwood

While hardwood is a beautiful flooring option for many rooms in a home, not all homeowners prefer to have it as their only flooring.  In fact, most homes will have a flooring transition at one point or another, leaving homeowners to decide how they will pair a new flooring with their existing hardwood.

Most flooring types are available in a wide range of colors and hues, giving homeowners the most choices when finding the perfect flooring to sit adjacent to their beloved hardwood. But, pairing two flooring types can be tricky – especially when trying to create a cohesive look that feels natural.

Another Hardwood Flooring
Pairing two different hardwood floorings together in a way that looks best takes plenty of thought and consideration.  When matching hardwood to hardwood, homeowners can choose to find a species and stain that is exactly like their current one, creating an identical match that is barely noticeable.  Or, they can opt to have two contrasting instead.  In this case, it’s important that the two are different enough that the contrast is obvious and looks intentional, rather than a mistake.

Switching from hardwood to carpet flooring is a popular choice, especially for families who want a cozier feel in their living or bedrooms.  This transition is typically seen before stairs, such as hardwood steps leading to a carpeted upstairs.  Because the difference between the two floorings is obvious, there isn’t nearly as much pressure when choosing the carpet color and type.  However, try to find a hue that complements your existing hardwood or brings out the color of the stain, rather than competes with it.

As with carpet, tile is also a great choice to pair alongside hardwood flooring.  This is common for bathrooms, kitchens and foyers, where the tile might hold up to high traffic and water damages more gracefully than hardwood. When pairing these two, it’s even more imperative that the two hues complement each other.  The picture below is an excellent example of this type of pairing.










Matching Profiles
The ‘profile’ can be thought of as the height of flooring. It’s important to line these up as best as possible to prevent a tripping hazard. Luckily, when matching like hardwood, it’s possible to pair profiles for a seamless connection. This should only be done by a flooring professional, as they can better estimate the final profile of the new flooring after sanding and refinishing. Trying to match profiles when pairing different floorings is also a good idea. But, in the case that the two do not line up perfectly, a transition strip can be used to smooth over the joining seam.










And there you have it!  Pairing any flooring with your existing hardwood is a less daunting task when considering these helpful tips.  For even more guidance, contact your local flooring professional. Their expertise will help to make both your install and flooring seamless!

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