Flooring Through the Decades

Young woman resting on bean bag chair on 70's style carpetingFlooring, just like fashion, goes through phases of styles that grow quickly in popularity, only to die down within the next year. 

At Flooring Professionals, we love all types of flooring and appreciate the different styles and tastes that have been prevalent over the years.  Here are a few of the best flooring trends witnessed throughout each decade:

The 40’s

Trends during this decade were driven by WWII and the newfound sense of patriotism among homeowners. These mentalities were reflected in the way homeowners decorated their households. Kitchens were filled with the latest appliances and homes were kept simple.  These were linoleum’s heyday, and it was used in nearly every kitchen across the United States. Muted reds and blues were seen all over many homes, including the floors.

The 50’s

Black and white tiles ruled restaurants and décor in the fifties.  Many preferred to have tiles checkered, and some even used more daring colors to make a statement.  Linoleum was also still quite popular this decade, but was experimenting with even riskier and more vibrant colors. Wall-to-wall carpeting was introduced to homeowners, but never became quite as popular as it is today. 

The 60’s

The biggest trend in the 60’s was color.  Homeowners wanted color in as many places as possible.  During this decade, many garnished their rooms with colorful rugs made in India or Morocco.  Flooring was often textured and came in various patterns and colors.  This segued into the color choices that were prevalent in the 70’s.

The 70’s

If you moved into a home that was built in the 70’s, you’ll definitely know it.  During this time, homeowners carpeted everything they could – including bathroom floors and even some walls. Shag carpets made their debut in the most unique colors, including rust orange and avocado green.

The 80’s

Vinyl flooring was especially popular in the 80’s but still different from our current tastes.  Many bathrooms sported vinyl floors with tiny floral or marble prints on them.  Then, it was considered sophisticated and added an element of class. Now, they just appear outdated and are quickly removed. Even worse, many homeowners utilized carpet to create designs on their floor. Pastel yellow, hunter green, and dull lilac were all colors popular with patterned carpet.   

The 90’s

Sure, this decade wasn’t too long ago, but it still had trends that are now on their way out. Wall-to-wall carpeting became popular during this time, but the carpet was often uncomfortable and hard to keep clean.  Now-a-days, this type of carpeting is still popular, but the product is much better. 

Current Trends

Now that we’re back in our own decade, here are the current trends that everyone is dying to have in their own homes!

Since homeowners became more environmentally aware, their flooring has too.  Right now we see a lot of natural floorings like bamboo, cork, and stone.  Reclaimed wood is also a fun choice that adds a rustic feel to any home.

Luxury vinyl has also grown in popularity.  This is a great option for those who want the look of wood or any other surface, but prefer the durability and feel of vinyl.  Like mentioned earlier, carpet is still a great choice for flooring. It now comes in various cut-and-loop designs and is of a better quality than before.

One type of flooring that has stood the test of time is hardwood.  It’s easy to see why!  Hardwood is warm and versatile and can be updated to match the changing home décor. Throughout the years, hardwood has remained one of the most popular floorings for a home.  

Trends in flooring change so often that it’s hard to keep up! We’re excited to see what flooring trends will make their entrance next! 

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