Flooring Trend: Cerused Wood

To keep you up to date with the latest flooring trends, today we are introducing you to a new trending style – Cerused Wood. Many interior trends today incorporate rustic and refurbished styles that are meant to look worn. Cerusing wood is a technique that became popular in the Art Deco era and was used widely throughout the styles of French interior designers. Today, the technique of “cerusing” or “liming” wood has come back in a big way and is being used for cabinetry, furniture, and even flooring!

In order to understand what cerused wood is, you have to understand how the style is made. First, the chosen wood is stained with a traditional wood stain that will create a consistent color throughout. After the stain is set in, a special type of white/clear wax or paint is brushed onto the wood. When wiped off, the wax or paint stays inside of the wood grain, but is removed from the surface stain on other parts. This technique reveals the natural wood pattern by contrasting the grain from the original stain color.

The process of cerusing wood takes time and patience if you want it done well! The type of wood used for this technique is usually oak, but other types of porous wood can be used. In earlier years, it was preferred that the wood stain was dark and the grain was white, creating a large contrast in the colors. Now, cerused wood can be found with all shades and colors of stain.

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Source: mydomaine.com

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