Game Lines and Flooring

This past week the subject of Game Lines came up on a variety of products. 

One option that is always available is a custom cut game line kit from the water jet cutter. Of course this can be from the same material being ordered and requires additional tile and labor purchased for the kit. These are often installed as Basketball and Volleyball courts in rubber tile for elementary schools. Usually these lines are cut from solid black and/or red tiles to create the look. Flexco can do these in any color desired. 

As the LVT products become more popular for these applications, Flexco/Roppe does not have the solid colors and/or an easy way of cutting the products into game line kits (because of the arcs involved). Therefore, the best option becomes the Endura Coatings Game Line Paint. This product is used by a number of NCAA and Professional courts for marking game lines. This is the best option available and where we should send people for game line paint. 

They have performed extensive testing on Flexco/Roppe products for suitability and we have not had any issues as long as the instructions are followed. If you follow the link below, you will find yourself at the Endura Coatings website for the Game Line paint. If you look at the bottom, you will see Flexco/Roppe listed as Flooring Manufacturers that use the product.

Just remember that Flexco/Roppe does not recommend Tuflex or Crumb Rubber products for applications such as Volleyball or Basketball courts, but can accept the Game Line Paint for other applications. 


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