Get Your Floors Ready for Warmer Weather

Spring is here and you are in the middle of cleaning out the closets when you realize your floors are dirty. Now what? Regularly taking care of your flooring is a very important task in order to keep them looking clean and new – especially at the turn of seasons. Because of the crazy winter we had, your flooring is probably still holding dirt and salt that came in with the snow boots, and dust that has been cooped up since fall. Check out our guide below to figure out the best and most efficient ways to clean your flooring just in time for the warm weather!


To begin cleaning your hardwood flooring, you should sweep, dust, or vacuum the floors to pick up loose dirt and dust that can be moved around. Next, spot clean any areas where there are obvious spills or stains with a hardwood cleaner. Finally, mop the floors with soft cloth mops using a mild mopping solution that is made specifically for hardwood floors. 


The first thing that we recommend when cleaning carpet is to spot clean any obvious stains with a spray carpet cleaner. To maintain your carpet consistently, you should be vacuuming your carpet once a week, but now is a great time to start doing so if you haven’t already. Once the vacuum has sucked up any loose dust, dirt, and debris, clean your carpet with a carpet shampoo. If you don’t own a carpet cleaner, you can rent one or get your carpets professionally cleaned. Always remember to rinse all of the soap out of your carpets with just water, so that fibers to not become damaged. 


Start out by sweeping and then cleaning the surface of the tiles with a damp mop, but avoid any detergent or soap that may dull the surface of the tiles. Dry the tiles afterwards with a clean cloth. If your grout is looking grimy, scrub some grout cleaner in between the tiles with a small scrubbing brush. For the maximum clean effect let the cleaner sit for a few hours. Be sure to wipe away excess grout cleaner that may be resting on the tiles. 

Laminate and other hard floors

Be sure to sweep up loose dirt with something that will not scratch the laminate flooring, like a dust mop or gentle vacuum. Laminate flooring does not require a lot of deep cleaning, but if you feel like it needs a good wash, make sure to use soap-free cleaners and the least amount of water. Too much water or chemicals can cause your laminate flooring to separate or warp. 

Now that your floors are clean and ready for the warmer seasons that lie ahead, don’t forget to keep up with weekly or monthly maintenance to keep springtime pollen at bay. For more tips and information on how to keep your floor shiny and new, visit our Flooring Resources or contact your local Flooring Professional!


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