Hardwood Flooring & Dogs

For some of us, a house doesn’t feel like a home without a family dog!  And, no one should ever have to choose between man’s best friend and their beloved hardwood flooring – how could one ever make that decision? Rather, homeowners are learning how the two can coexist in one dwelling, allowing everyone to get the best of both worlds! Here are just a few ways to pup-proof your flooring:

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

Strategically placed rugs and doormats will save a world of troubles for any homeowner.  And when a dog is in the home, they carry even more importance.  In general, any floor coverings will help to catch dirt and debris that can cause damage to all types of flooring.  They also help to protect larger areas of hardwood flooring from the elements – including dogs.  

Regular Grooming

Of course, having rugs and mats alone won’t entirely save your hardwood flooring; you’ll have to keep an eye on your pup’s nails as well!  Having any pets groomed regularly, and making sure their nails are filed to a rounded tip, will do your hardwood flooring a big favor.  Of course, some scratches are inevitable, but with softer nails, the damages will be less severe and easier to buff out.

House Training

If your furry friend is still a puppy, house training is a must.  Any spots or accidents that are left untreated on a wood floor will ruin the finish and be a costly repair.  Special house training mats are sold at any pet supply store and work wonders to preserve wood flooring.  The best option is to watch your puppy closely and clean up any messes immediately!  

Other Training

If you really can’t stand the idea of your dog on your hardwood floors, consider training him to stay off of them entirely.  In many homes, there are plenty of rooms with flooring surfaces other than hardwood, making this a viable option.   Another idea to consider when training your dog is where to place food and water bowls.  It’s best to keep these away from wood flooring, as exposure to excess moisture will ruin finishes and be difficult to repair.  

Have An Action Plan

Scratches and stains are part of owning a dog.  It’s a good idea to have plenty of cleaning and repair supplies on hand to take care of messes right away.  Acting quickly is always the best option and will better preserve the look of your hardwood floors for years to come!

Of course, luxury vinyl and other flooring options that imitate wood appearance are excellent alternatives to traditional wood flooring – and they are usually scratch and water resistant!  Your local flooring professional can provide you with all the information you’ll need when choosing your new flooring!

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