How to Choose and Buy Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring has been a popular type of flooring for many years because it is very reliable and costs much less than a lot of other flooring options. The material that resilient flooring is made of allows for some give, but still makes for a sturdy and long-lasting floor. Sometimes the process on how to choose and buy this kind of flooring can be tricky so we are here to guide you through the process!

What’s the look?

There are many options to consider when choosing the resilient flooring that will match the style of room you’re going for. Some characteristics of resilient flooring to think about are material, color, texture and pattern. With the help of your local Flooring Professional, you are sure to find the resilient flooring that will look the best in your home. 

Existing flooring

An important thing to consider is if your existing flooring will be an appropriate subflooring. Subflooring is a layer underneath of the surface layer of flooring. In order to make sure that your resilient flooring will appear and function properly, the subflooring cannot have any imperfections in the texture. If your existing flooring has bumps and dents, it may be sanded down or covered by another subflooring layer.


Resilient flooring can be bought in tiles or sheets, both of which can be relatively easy to install. Resilient sheet flooring is sometimes a bit tricky to install because the accuracy of cutting the correct sizes are crucial. It is sometimes best to have a professional install your resilient flooring for you so that there are no mistakes.  

Where is it going?

There are different types of resilient flooring for you to choose from depending on the room you are putting it in or if it will be in a residential or commercial setting. Resilient flooring tiles that are made for commercial spaces tend to be less expensive, easier to install, and more resistant to dents. Alternatively, cushioned sheet flooring has less seams to catch dirt, more under-foot cushioning, and is more soundproof. 

Now that you have all of the right tips to choose and buy your resilient flooring, contact your nearest Flooring Professional today for all of your flooring purchasing and installing needs!


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