How to Clean Tile Floors

Tile flooring can be a great flooring choice for many different rooms of the house. It can be as traditional or modern as you choose to make it and it definitely adds a nice polish to the room. Most people think that tile is easy to clean because it is just flat and resistant to dirt. While this is partially true, tile flooring is not to be neglected when cleaning your house. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the patio, there are a few things you need to remember when caring for your tile flooring.


Tile floors should be swept or vacuumed regularly just to get rid of dirt lying on the surface. This is one benefit of tile flooring because the dirt will sweep right up! When the tile starts to get more set on dirt, clean it with water and a mild detergent to clean up spills. Make sure to change the water a few times while mopping so that dirty water does not get into the grout.


If your tiles start to look dull or hazy, they probably have a small buildup of film on them, which happens naturally with day to day foot traffic and cleaning. This signals that it’s time to clean the tiles with a stronger solution such as an all-purpose cleaner or lemon juice. Make sure to rinse well after cleaning with these solutions and buff with a clean cloth.



Tile flooring can look beautiful and new, but if the grout in between is dirty, it takes away from that clean feeling. Grout, unlike the tiles, is porous and easily traps dirt and grease. If your grout is looking a little dingy, clean with store-bought grout cleaner or make a solution of baking soda and water. It is best to let cleaning solution sit on the grout for a few hours or overnight so it is absorbed before scrubbing. To prevent further stains to grout, you can apply a sealer.

If you are still unsure about cleaning your tile flooring, check out these videos from Better Homes and Gardens on How to Clean Tile and How to Clean Grout. Reach out to your local flooring professionals for the best options on which tile flooring is right for you! 


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