How to Decorate With Rugs

Colorful interior with rugMany people don’t realize the important role that flooring plays in home décor.  A room with coordinating wall colors, furniture, and wall hangings can be thrown off balance when paired with flooring that doesn’t fit. 

If you rent your space, or refinishing isn’t an option, there are ways to dress up an undesirable floor.  Even if you love your existing surfaces, any space in your home can be enhanced using rugs.   

Area Rugs

Area rugs are often used in homes to blanket an existing floor, either to hide it or protect it.  Some homeowners might even utilize area rugs if they’re not ready to install full carpeting. Typically, area rugs are smaller than the space and leave adequate ‘breathing room’ around the perimeter – 1.5 feet on each side is usually enough. 

Bold Rugs

However, not all rugs need to fill the entire space.  Some can be smaller and act as a focal point for the room. Rugs are a great way to add drama to a room design, without committing to permanent flooring.  Having a bold or colorful rug in the center of the room creates a showpiece and draws the eye in.  It can also tie décor together to complete a look.

When using a rug as a focal point, it should be significantly smaller than the room.  Often times, homeowners will place a table over the rug and surround it with chairs to create a sitting area.  When this technique is used, all four legs of the table should sit on the rug.  

Layered Rugs

For another take on a bold focal point, homeowners sometimes layer rugs.  Different textures, sizes, colors and patterns can be brought together to create a truly unique ‘centerpiece’ for a room.  When layering, it’s important to limit the patterns and colors used.  Too many opposing styles and it could look too busy.   Usually, when using any type of rug in a living space, at least the two front legs of a chair or sofa should be on the rug. But in this case, it’s better if chairs and sofas don’t touch the rug at all. 

Warm Rugs

Rugs can also be used to warm up a room – in color and temperature.  With bare floors and neutral walls, a rug can add a warm and cozy feel to the room, while keeping the actual temperature warmer as well. For even more warmth and comfort, some opt to have fluffy rugs made of faux fur materials.

Dividing Rugs

And finally, rugs can be used to divide and separate spaces. This technique is most often used in huge, open rooms that should be divided into dining and living rooms, but without renovations.  If you are using two or more rugs in one room, make sure they are not the same size.  This will divide a room visually – and even though a divide is desired, you want the two areas to work together, rather than look like there should be a wall between them. 

No matter how you decorate your home using rugs, if you change your mind about the décor later on, it’s an easy fix – that’s the beauty of using rugs!

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