How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors During Winter

Winter is a high-stress time for your hardwood flooring. The rapidly changing weather, the dropping temperatures and messy boots and shoes will wreak havoc on your beautiful brand new flooring. That’s why it’s essential to take the necessary measures to protect your investment now. We have some advice for new owners of hardwood flooring that will help them protect their floors during the colder season!

Wipe Your Feet!

– The most important way to protect your flooring is to prevent as much damage as you can! While some damage is unavoidable, there’s no reason to track mud and dirt on your new floor! Abrasive materials such as mud, dirt and snow can quickly put a lot of stress on your floors. Simple things such as wiping your feet and taking off your shoes right after you come inside will go a long way to protecting your flooring investment.

Use Protective Rugs

– High traffic areas of your home will see a lot of wear and tear on them over time. This is especially true in areas such as entryways and hallways. Area rugs give your family and guests a place to take their shoes off in the entryway and will help prevent excess water or dirt from collecting in places around your home. Also, they’ll add stylish accents around your home!

Manage Your Heat

– During the cold winter months, the natural thing to do is turn up the heat to stay nice and toasty warm. However, your physical comfort might have a negative impact on your new hardwood floors! Heaters in your home can dry out the hardwood, leading to problems like shrinkage and cracked floorboards. Run a humidifier in your home to keep moisture in the air and keep your flooring comfortable.

Keep It Clean!

– Proper maintenance is essential to maintaining your flooring’s appearances. It’s especially important during the winter! Letting dirt or water accumulate in your home, even for a little bit, can do lasting damage to your floors. Use a high-quality broom or a vacuum without a beater bar to pick up dirt & debris then finish with a mop to keep it nice & clean!

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