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Have you been afraid of nailing Solid Strand Woven Bamboo or other thinner gauge exotic Solid Hardwoods? 

The Powernail 2000 is the first floor runner pneumatic Cleat Nailer in the industry. The Powernail 2000 shoots a 20 Gauge Cleat Nail and is ideal for use with Solid Strand Woven Bamboo, 5/16″ and 7/16″ Exotic Engineered and Solid Hardwoods, most 5/16″ to 9/16″ Engineered Hardwood along with several locking type wood products. The ability to make optimal adjustments allows this Cleat Nailer to successfully fasten locking hardwood products such as Anderson EnCore 3/8″ HDF Core Products Brevard, Urban Pioneer, Old West Plank, Rideau Plank, Urban Loft, Armstrong/Bruce Performance Plus and Turlington Lock&Fold. This can be achieved without damage to the groove while still allowing the product to lock properly. 

One Nailer that covers all Thinner Gauge Hardwood products 

Powernail 2000 Cleat Nailer is now available from JJ Haines, item number POW022000KIT

Looking for one adhesive to stock where several adhesives were required in the past? 

DriTac Eco-5500 is a “green” VOC free with zero solvents pressure sensitive flooring adhesive made for the interior installation of: 

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank 
  • Multi-Ply Engineered Hardwood 
  • VCT 
  • Fiberglass Back Sheet Vinyl 
  • Carpet Tile 
  • Vinyl Stair Treads 
  • Cork Tile 
  • Cork/Rubber/Foam Underlayment 

Known for its high initial tack and excellent shear strength DriTac Eco-5500 is extremely easy to spread and clean up, offers a very low odor and is nonflammable. DriTac Eco-5500 is an eco-friendly adhesive that provides excellent working time and superior coverage. It is available in 1 and 4-gallon plastic pails. DriTac 5500 may be used Set in Wet or Dry to the Touch. Set in Wet offers a permanent bond and a Releasable Bond when used Dry to the Touch. http://www.dritac.com/products5500.php 

1 Gallon Pail, JJ Haines item #DRI55001 

4 Gallon Pail, JJ Haines item #DRI55004 


Are Hardwood Janka Hardness Ratings over rated? 

Most materials, especially flooring will scratch regardless of the hardness of the material. Don’t over sell the hardness of a hardwood. Woods with a lot of graining will better hide scratches and dents than hardwoods with tighter grains. Also, hardwood with a distressed look will hide scratches and dents better than the hardest hardwood and will add additional character to the flooring. 

Finishes and daily maintenance of hardwood flooring will also influence the performance of your flooring. Vacuum or sweep the floors daily to keep dust and dirt from scratching. Damp-mop once each week to keep the floor clean. Use area rugs and floor protectors under furniture. Keep sharp objects away from your floors — including many shoe soles and pet claws.

No hardwood flooring is indestructible and even with the hardest of wood species, if you drop some-thing heavy or if you drag something sharp across the floor it will still dent and scratch. Purchasing a hardwood with a high Janka Hardness may not necessarily reduce the need for extra special caring over the years.

A 125 pound woman in high heels exerts over 2000 pounds per square inch, enough to indent even the hardest of hardwoods. Even though you have a harder wood on your floor, you’ll still end up having to refinish it more often that a softer hardwoods that has a darker grain that can better mask normal wear markings. 


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