Living Room Flooring Ideas

Choosing appropriate flooring for any living room is just as important as choosing the décor.  And, if a homeowner is renovating their living room, or has the option to customize while the home is being built, thinking about the type of flooring they’ll want can be a daunting task.

So, to help homeowners decide on the right living room flooring for their homes, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite floorings that are most conducive to this space:

Hardwood Flooring

There’s no beating the warmth underfoot and classic look of hardwood floors in a living room.  With so many options in grain and wood type, it’s easy to find the one that works best.  Additionally, it’s easy to use other flooring accessories, like throw rugs, when you have hardwood flooring as a base.


Of course, if authentic hardwood flooring isn’t an option, luxury laminate flooring is a perfect alternative.  Laminate is sturdy, easy to install, easy to clean and can come in as many varieties as real wood does.  It won’t have the same feel underfoot as real hardwood would, but it provides the same look and can work with many different interiors.

Painted Floors

If you have existing flooring that you’re interested in revamping, painting it a fresh new color could be the solution!  This technique works best with hardwood flooring and can add a fun and colorful element to your living room.  Many homeowners paint the entire flooring the same color, like black or white, but some paint individual planks different shades for a trendy twist.  Whichever method is chosen, special care should be taken when painting to ensure the finished product is as good as you imagined!

Area Rug/Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting are both excellent options to use in a living room, especially if there are young children in the home.  It’s soft, ideal for playtime and with the newest products on the market, can be easy to clean too!

Layered Rugs

To make a living room a little cozier, many homeowners will layer different throw rugs to set underneath a coffee table.  This is definitely a unique method and when done right, can act as the centerpiece of the living room.  Most homeowners use rugs of different textures, colors, sizes and shapes to create a look that’s unlike anything else.

Pavers or Tiles

For living rooms that also double as a patio or sunroom, pavers are the classic choice.  The term ‘paver’ can refer to brick, stone, or tile – and any of these materials offer a huge selection of colors and textures. With interlocking designs, pavers bring the feel of the outdoors inside.  For those who feel stone might be too chilly for a living room, consider a throw rug that accentuates the stone but also warms the room.  It’s the best of both worlds!

With so many different flooring options, we can see how it’s difficult to pick just one!  As always, we recommend contacting a local flooring professional who can assist you in the selection and installment of any new flooring.  With their help, you could be enjoying your new living room flooring in no time at all!

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