The Lost Art of Finishing Off Molding, The Sanitary Return

Installing the flooring is only part of an installation. Finishing off the trim (Baseboard, Shoe and Quarter Round Molding) is the final step and with veneer wrapped moldings this presents an issue when you have to end the molding with a cut and it exposes the core of the wrapped molding. 

The Sanitary Return

Recently, I have received numerous calls on how do I treat these moldings when I have to end them? The answer to this is making a molding with a Sanitary return. When Laminate Flooring was first introduced and they had matching veneer wrapped moldings, they explained how to make a Sanitary return. Somewhere over the years, this art got lost but with the surge of floating floors on the market with matching wrapped trims it now has come back to the fore front. 

Step #1. Cut a 45° Outside Corner on your molding piece. 

The Sanitary Return

Step #2. On a piece of excess material, cut a 45° going the opposite way to make a 90° angle.

The Sanitary Return                The Sanitary Return

Step #3. Fasten the the mitered pieces together. This can be a wood glue, hot melt glue, or pin nailed. 

Step #4. Cut the excess off the return piece and install.

The Sanitary Return                The Sanitary Return

This can be done with any molding. I had to do this in my basement landing. 

The Sanitary Return                     The Sanitary Return

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