DriTac Flooring Products LLC is one of the most experienced adhesive manufacturers in the flooring market today.  Established in 1956, the company has successfully grown in the industry as a trusted and revered brand by professionals. 

DriTac specializes in adhesives that stand the test of time and are used in everyday flooring installations.  With a selection of urethanes and resins, their premium products can be used in conjunction with other DriTac products as well as private label brands.  Their products are only available through their network of distributors. 

DriTac’s dedication to manufacturing only the highest-quality adhesives helps produce an innovative and ever-improving product.  With a state-of-the-art lab and top scientists refining and testing formulas, they are committed to being an environmentally responsible company with a product that consistently works.

DriTac takes great pride in providing their customers around the world with high-quality flooring adhesives and incredible service!

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