Futura Industries is currently the nation’s largest manufacturer of flooring trims, as well as a manufacturer of various other aluminum products.  With a widespread range of carpet metal trims, vinyl trims and ceramic tile trims, Futura has carved out a reputable space in the flooring industry.  Their fully fabricated floor covering trims feature sharper teeth and countersunk nail holes, making for easy installation and long-lasting durability.  And, their extensive catalogue only adds to the versatility of their product.

Futura’s Quality Pledge ensures that each product is as precise as the next, and performs beyond the expectations of the customer.  As a manufacturer, they are committed improving and innovating their processes to efficiently create some of the industry’s leading products. 

Futura is also committed to their company, garnering several manufacturing awards along the way.  Because of this, they ensure their customers “always get the fastest delivery, the highest quality, and the very best value.”

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