A family company with a big reputation. IndusParquet hardwood floors have been established as the worldwide leader in the production of premium, exotic hardwood flooring. IndusParquet flooring has found its way into such prestigious places as the Vatican and Italian Ferrari showrooms. Their expertise in exotic hardwoods is unmatched and the beauty and sophistication will be reflected in your home.


The founders, Kiko Uliana and Jose Antonio Baggio, of IndusParquet got their start working in the sawmills at a young age. They were producing parquet flooring at age 19 during the week, and they would install it on weekends.It was 1970 when IndusParquet was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the city of Tiete. After 4 decades of producing exceptional hardwood flooring with the involvement of 4 generations of family, IndusParquet still employees many of the company’s original employees.


IndusParquet has experienced 40 years of sustained growth. This has helped the company become established as a world leader in hardwood flooring. They have 3 manufacturing plants located in Brazil and distribution centers placed around the globe. They export to all 5 continents and 25+ countries.IndusParquet is built upon the principles of quality and style. Their floors are featured in Louis Vuitton stores. They utilize the best available manufacturing technologies to create their innovative, exotic hardwoods. They are leaders in creating flooring fashion statements.


IndusParquet operates on a zero waste policy, which means 100% of the wood that they take into their factories is utilized. No wood is ever thrown away or put to waste. IndusParquet also operates 3 large reforestation plantations in an effort to guarantee a sustainable resource.

Brazil places strict limitations and controls on the harvesting of timber. Any endangered tree or trees that supply animals with food are off limits. All harvested trees are given an ID code that stays with the tree throughout the entire manufacturing process.

IndusParquet is in complete cooperation with the government of Brazil and makes its own efforts to ensure the sustainability of the planet. IndusParquet plants are also certified with the Forest Stewardship Council, which guarantees that manufacturing processes are done in a way that minimally impacts the environment. When you see the “Made in Brazil” mark on exotic wood flooring, you can be assured it was made to sustain the environment.

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