Interceramic is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic tile in North America today. They have 30 years of experience bringing some of the most advanced and beautifully designed ceramic flooring products on the market. In addition to be a manufacturing leader, Interceramic is leading distributer of ceramic tile flooring as well.

Interceramic has been dedicated to quality and innovation since its start in 1979. Year after year they exceed standards provided by both the American National Standard Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Interceramic strives to provide its customers with the latest trends and fashions in ceramic tiles available.


Through effective planning and unique processes, Interceramic produces ceramic flooring that has limited impact on the environment. They commit themselves to the promotion of sustainable operations and services. They utilize responsible management practices to stay energy efficient, keep natural resource consumption low and minimize waste to preserve our ecosystem.

Interceramic uses an advanced dust collection process that creates modern particle reclamation. The water they use in their manufacturing process is 100% recyclable, and all Interceramic ceramic flooring is made with natural clays and minerals that come straight from the earth.

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